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Soul Sierra: A Destination for the Soul

I must admit that Soul Sierra is kind of new to me. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that it was a thing until I had to accompany someone to an event there. So, apparently, Soul Sierra is quite a popular place. Despite its location, it is widely known especially among those who enjoy places that offer unique experiences.

Soul Sierra

Soul Sierra is a pretty property in Barangay Babag 1 in the highlands of Cebu City. Basically, the property is known for offering wellness packages and programs, healthy eats, and more. The property has three main features: a ‘mansion’, a garden, and a restaurant.

The ‘mansion is a multi-story structure built in the midst of greens deep in the heart of Babag 1. But while the mansion is definitely interesting, most visitors visit Soul Sierra for something else. You guessed it right. The garden.

The Garden

The garden at Soul Sierra is unlike any other. It spans hundreds of meters and traces the top-most part of the range on which the property sits. The garden contains hundreds of different species of ornamental plants, flowering plants, herbs, shrubs, succulents, and more.

It is easy to ‘make’ a garden. But for a garden to stand out, it has to have that certain oomph to not only get people’s attention but also to keep them wanting for more.

Another interesting thing about the garden is that it was built around the natural elements found on site. So, instead of getting rid of the natural rock formations in the area, the team behind Soul Sierra was able to work around this little ‘inconvenience’ and deliver a truly breath-taking result.

And because of how vast and complex the garden is, it naturally becomes an excellent spot for reflections, introspections, and soul searching.

Take a look at this view, for example. The metro is quite visible, making one feel close to home. But it is also far enough for one to forget about the hustle and bustle of city living and instead focus on what’s inside.

And check out this view of the garden at dusk on a cold, cold day. Isn’t that just lovely?

Well-Planned Zen Spot

I think that what makes the garden stand out aren’t the plants and greens but the countless unique structures and pieces that give it an other-worldly vibe. Everywhere you look, there’s an interesting piece that will stimulate your mind and soul. Everything about the garden is just zen.

I have to say that the design team did a pretty good job with the garden. This clever use of a lighting fixture, for example, makes the garden look several levels better.

And when you thought you’ve seen it all, this structure of concrete and steel suddenly comes into view. Serving as an alternative access to the restaurant and the mansion, this two-story structure is rich and beautiful and just all sorts of fascinating.

Truly a wonderful architectural work, the structure alone makes Soul Sierra a must-visit.

At the bottom of the structure is a big point with cascading water. It’s a sight to behold!


If you plan to visit Soul Sierra, it’s quite easy to locate. From Temple of Leah, just continue driving straight for about 10 minutes until you see the main entrance. It can easily be found via Google Maps, too!

Have you been to Soule Sierra? What do you think about the place? Let us know in the comments below!

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