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Buswang Lake House: An Exciting Food Stop in Asturias

If you’re thinking about exploring the lovely town of Asturias, I recommended that you drop by the Buswang Lake House in Barangay Old Bago. Sitting right on the edge of the expansive Buswang Lake, the Buswang Lake House is a restaurant/bar that has also now become a popular tourist destination. Although the restaurant is situated several hundred meters away from the main highway, the food stop is still quite popular, especially among the locals.

Buswang Lake House

The Buswang Lake House is just one of the many establishments that now thrive around Buswang Lake. Despite the competition, however, the restaurant is undoubtedly the most popular one in the area. And this can be because of three main reasons – location, menu, and overall appeal.

From the moment you lay eyes on the Buswang Lake House, it becomes almost impossible to look away. The structure is both visually appealing and refreshing. The use of wood gives the restaurant a calming and relaxing vibe. And the multiple stories allow it to stand out and be highly visible even from far away.

A row of roofed tables can be seen near the main entrance. These are perfect for guests who prefer to be much closer to the water.

The wooden walkways give the Buswang Lake House a unique appeal. It’s definitely impossible to resist taking a couple of selfies when you’re here.

One feature of the Buswang Lake House is this wooden swing that hangs from the branch of a big tree. What makes it exciting is the fact that it hangs directly above the water.

Dining at the Lake House

The main dining area is made up of several sections, some of which are specially set aside from smaller groups.

This area, for example, is perfect for couples or solo diners.

Take a look at their menu. They offer combo meals, snacks, specialty dishes, desserts, drinks, and more.

They also sell their own version of the ever-popular milk tea!

The resto-bar has several ‘gimmicks’ that are definitely popular among the social media-savvy crowd. One example is this pair of wings that people can use for a pretty spectacular photo.

Another interesting feature is this interesting platform where guests can pose for a photo.

My parents, of course, wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity. Hehe.

This is what the main dining area looks like from the platform.

From the other side of the lake, you can check out this community-made walkway (entrance only Php10.00) where you can take a good look at the resto-bar and the entire Buswang Lake.

So, that was Buswang Lake House in Asturias, Cebu. What do you think about this new food stop? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Also, see you on my next adventures! ­čÖé

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