Sumilon Island: Southern Treasure

Sitting near the top of my travel bucket list is the island of Sumilon. Located off the coast of Bancogon in Oslob (around 125 kilometers from Cebu City,) Sumilon is what a lot of people refer to as Southern Cebu’s “biggest treasure.”

The coral island of Sumilon has an area of around 24 hectares. It boasts of a sand bar, numerous pocket white sand beaches in different parts of the island, a natural lake, a number of caves, amazing rock formations, fantastic dive sites, a protected forest, and many other fantastic things to see and experience. The island also houses the super exclusive Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort.

Last week, I finally got the chance to visit the island. That ‘chance’ was rather unexpected. But I grabbed it like crazy because I know that I would never be able to go there without anyone’s help. Haha. And I consider myself extremely lucky since not everyone will be able to see the island with their own two eyes and bathe in its wonders. So I thank everyone who made the trip possible. You guys are awesome!

As the boat left mainland Cebu, I couldn’t help but wonder. Will the island live up to my expectations? Don’t get me wrong, I know the island would be amazing but I just wasn’t sure if it would equal the level of amazing that I’ve always imagined in mind. So, yeah, like they always say, there was only one way to find out! Let’s go to Sumilon!

Sumilon Island

View of Sumilon from Oslob.

Took this photo while waiting for the boat that will take us to the island.

The coast of Oslob. Those boats in the photo are ‘parked’ near where the whale sharks appear. Yep, that’s right.

The boat from the island arrives.

After unloading all the passengers, it was time to go! Ten minutes later, this! Wow!

Immediately after getting off the boat, I started touring the island. And then I saw this. The natural lake just a couple of meters from the ocean. Wow! Amazing!

And these beautiful rock formations are just marvelous!

I could stay in this same spot for hours.

And the greens. Where do I begin? This one reminds me of Greece and the Mediterranean. Not that I’ve been there. I’ve seen pictures, yo!

And the water!!!! Can I just dive in? Nevermind that I don’t know how to swim. I’ll probably just be smiling as I slowly drown. Haha. Kidding.

And this amazing lighthouse at the southern part of the island. Beautiful.

Yes, I climbed up the lighthouse. Haha. And this is the amazing view from the top.

Beside the lighthouse is an old watchtower. Gorgeous!

I also noticed several caves all over the island.

And don’t forget the white sand beaches! Oh wow! This island has everything!

I later checked out the lake. It was fantastic. Just teeming with life.

Resort guest enjoying an early morning ride.

Mangroves giving you that exotic feel.

And hey! Giant bats!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

View of the protected forest from the lighthouse. Click to enlarge!!!

Do watch out for my next post. I will be talking about the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort and everything that makes it amazing!

Visit Sumilon Island, yo!

10 thoughts on “Sumilon Island: Southern Treasure

  1. Congratulations, Ley. One more item off of your list! Very nice pictures. Looking forward to part 2 of your Sumilon Island trip.

  2. Great photos! Mora sab mig apil sa imong laag. Pero mo-react gyud ko nganong wala pa ka kadto sa TOPS? Nga naa ra man unta na sa tumoy sa imong simod. 😀

  3. Oh nice place. I’ve never been to the south yet. Any sight of whale shark Ley? Who manage the resort there? The Oslob LGU? Tnx bai

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