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Is Yahay Food Park the Most Gorgeous Food Park in Cebu?

Today, my quest to finish my next Cebu Updates video and blog brought me to the city of Talisay where I discovered the famous Yahay Food Park. Since it’s the first day of the year (and a holiday,) the drive was smooth and pretty quick. My original plan was to look for updates (or basically anything that I could take photos of) somewhere in Pardo or Mambaling. Before I knew it, however, I was already crossing Mananga Bridge and heading towards Minglanilla.




It was already almost 5 pm and I was feeling kinda hungry. So, when I saw the huge road-side sign of YAHAY Food Park, I (naturally, of course) decided to grab something to eat. To be honest, checking out Yahay Food Park wasn’t really my intention. I’ve seen the food park many times before (before it actually opened) and I thought that it looked interesting from the highway. But I never really bothered to go ahead and see what it looked like inside.

So, let’s start with this: What do I really think about the Yahay Food Park? Let’s just say that I am extremely glad that I decided to finally drop by.

Yahay Food Park is located in Lawaan 3 in Talisay City. Situated right along the South National Highway, the food park is extremely visible and very hard to miss (it’s close to the Talisay-SRP Intersection fronting StarMall).

The use of bamboo, sand, gravel, and lots of greens gives the place a comfy, positive, and happy vibe. Which I dig.

What sets Yahaya apart from all other food parks in Cebu today is the fact that the creators really gave attention to the design and overall layout of the place. It’s not just some random square with all the tables dumped right in the middle. And I really love the fact that food stalls are scattered all throughout the park. Some of them are even located on the second floor.

The tables on the ground floor are not placed too close to one another so customers can really breathe and relax, which is awesome. I also truly love the idea that the park has different ‘zones’ which feature different designs and layouts. Basically, the food park has a gazillion IG spots, if you’re into that sort of thing.

My most favorite thing about the Yahay Food Park is the fact that the whole development was built around the greens and not the other way around. The trees in the area were obviously already here before the food park opened. So, I really appreciate that they didn’t cut the trees and instead made them an integral part of the whole project.

Now let’s talk about the second floor. I just want to say that I was literally blown away when I first saw it. It was so gorgeous even when the sun was still out. I have no other words to describe it. It was just pure magic.

Another thing that I really loved about Yahay is their use of lights. Instead of using flood lights to illuminate the whole area, they chose to use smaller types of lighting elements. And the result is just fantastic. I love the fact that due to the genius lighting, the park becomes very multi-faceted. The really bright areas are perfect for families and loud talks while the dimmer ones are excellent for dates and more intimate dining experiences.



Here’s a video of Yahay Food Park. Check it out!

So, going back to the question: Is Yahay Food Park the most gorgeous food park in Cebu? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

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So, what do you think about Yahay Food Park in Talisay City? Have you also been there? Or do you want to check it out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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