Cebu City Carnival is FUN!

The old SSS grounds near the University of Cebu (UPDATE: which is now also the location of the current SSS building) has become one big carnival. Literally. The Mary Rose Carnival (from Manila) is here in Cebu City for the Sinulog season. Check out the scenes from this year’s Cebu City Carnival!

Entrance Fee is at Php 10.00 per person.


A gazillion goodies for the lucky players of tonight’s games.

Just pick a number and you could get lucky!

Roller coaster. It doesn’t have the 360 swirls, but it’s so worth your Php 30. 🙂

Are you ready to ride this fiery roller coaster?

The workers said it’s totally safe.

Outdoor rollercoaster, anyone?


BINGO! If you’re not into adventure rides, the Bingo is perfect for you.

Diagonal, Vertical, Horizontal, Blackout, L, X, T. Name your game!

Shooting range. Shoot the pig and you just might get a Peewee!

Good ‘ole Ferris Wheel attracting the most customers.

Another old perya/carnival favorite is the Octopus.

Php 15 for kids and adults.


Everyone’s all-time fave carnival ride — the Carousel.


3 thoughts on “Cebu City Carnival is FUN!

  1. lingaw n diay diha sinulog karon…..hahayyyyyyy….hoist safe mn kha na basin mprehas na ddto sa manila na hulog ang ilang rides naa gyud nmtay n mga bata ato,,,,,…

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