First Look: Talisay City Hall Plaza

Ladies and gentlemen here is a sneak peek of the deliciously gorgeous Talisay City Hall Plaza. If you’ve passed by Talisay City Hall at the South Road Properties recently, you’ll know that the city government just recently turned the big empty lot behind the city hall (facing the SRP’s south coastal road) into a classy and very delicate-looking square.

Well, last Sunday, I got a chance to sneak in (well I didn’t really sneak in because I asked the guard if I could get in and take photos) and he said that it wasn’t a problem. So, although the plaza is still currently being completed, I was able to take a few shots of the place. And I must tell you, the place will remind you of those huge courtyards you see in films.

Anyways, so yeah. People, here is the Talisay City Hall plaza/garden/square (not sure what it’s called). First seen here on MCPB! 🙂

France? Rome? Greece? Belgium? Nope, Talisay City, baby! Hahaha!

The huge Talisay City Hall. Looking gorgeous.

Even the driveway looks well-maintained. Good job!

Needs repainting. But, oh well, you can’t see that from afar. Hehe.

And right in front of the flagpole is the plaza.

The details on the fence look really nice.

Horse statue at the park looking a bit freaky.

No entry!

Gold details.

The central fountain. I bet this would look even more gorgeous with water!

Here is a closer look.

The huge benches look great, I must say. Awesome!

And those statues! Wow! They look so beautiful!

Well trimmed greens! A real beauty.

View of the city hall from the garden.

Awesome view. And the south coastal road is visible from the plaza.

The massive gates look stunning.

Even the lamp looks really expensive. Hehe.

Even more freaky giant horse statues!

I’m not sure when the garden is going to open exactly. But stay tuned. I got a feeling it is opening just in time for Christmas! 🙂

16 thoughts on “First Look: Talisay City Hall Plaza

  1. Ni hapit jud mi dri gikan lego sa Villa Teresita. Grabi ka limpyo ug ka hilom sa place. Murag naa kas probinsya. 🙂

  2. Oh Wow!!! So huge City Hall and well maintain. I thought Talisay is bad as what i always read in the net. Sorry Talisay City.

  3. Kudos Talisay for a very nice city hall….Was this started during the time of Sir Eddie Gul as mayor or did I mix him up with some other town he was the leader, Ley?

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