In Photos: Lumad Basakanon Comes Home


Today, Sinulog 2008 Free-Interpretation champ and Cebu’s pride Lumad Basakanon of Basak Pardo performed for the people who supported them tirelessly – the people of Pardo, Cebu City. A few other contingents joined the festivities to honor the Holy Child – Sr. Sto. Niño.


The entire event became a sort of Meet-and-Greet as fans were able to interact and communicate with the members of the group.

Two members getting the carabao in place.


Ate forcing his younger brother to touch the carabao.

Excited fans not minding the blazing heat.

IPI’s safari bus arrives.

Little King

The man behind Lumad Basakanon – Mr. Rama.

Show starts in a few minutes.

Ahhh. Kainit!

Boy Scouts from nearby University of San Jose-Recoletos help secure the area.

Instrumentalists in place

And the dancers are ready.

And just when I thought I would finally be able to see their performance live and upclose, they started dancing facing the opposite direction. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! LOL

After their performance, USJ-R’s Boy Scouts also performed their halad.

Complete with props na sila ha. Hehehe.

More contingents were waiting outside. They even had higantes.

Two cute dancers from a nearby sitio.

Highway dancin’. Hehehe.

Contingent from Sitio Lupa.

They start ’em young. Hehehe.

Flower girls.

Back view. Hehehehe.

Lingi gamay beh. Hahaha.

He ain’t heavy….

Ain’t afraid of the sun.

This little girl left her group and just ran around. LOL.

Pit Senyor!


28 thoughts on “In Photos: Lumad Basakanon Comes Home

  1. yup. didto ko gahapon. pirting inita! hehehe.

    nakapwesto mi didto sa may basketballan. pagsugod ninyog sayaw kay sa luyo diay mi. toinks. wala ko kaklaro ug kita kay ang mga army nag-ali. LOL

  2. murag parente ra na namo taga simbahan dapit. murag kaila na siya tingali nako kay naka-mini-concert man mi diha sauna. LOL. membro man ko guadalupe children’s choir pag elementary nako. hahaha.

  3. Well i really enjoy watching the pictures of lumadbasakanon. I am very proud all of basakanon especially me that i am from basak bontores, which basakanon pud.. i wish i could be there to watch the sinulog pud. But i can see all basakanon are very happy. More power to you guys!!!!!!Congratulations!! Especially, to Norman Navarro and Dennis Navarro.

  4. HA! singer sad diay ka ley?…..hilum2x sad diay ka hap, myembro sad diay ka sa pinakamaau nga childrens choir sa cebu. ang mama ana ni Concihal romarate kay singer man sa simbahan….

  5. Thank You very much Miss Marites Navarro Butler, clingan ra diay ta, pero layo2x lang ang amo kay atbang man sa holy cross amo, hehehe,

    I kinda wonder….are your somehow related to our choreographer? hehehehe

  6. Yup!! were second degree cousin. You know what! I always check on your website whats new of basakanon like news or balita ba. Coz,i im very far away from phils. I’m in Oregon USA. Kaming taga Basakanon dire States were very proud pud sa taga basakanon.

  7. Daghan kaayong salamat mam, we know we cant be on this place today if it weren’t for all the people who believes in the talents of basakanons…. especially u.

    before every performance we make, one of our strength is the screams we hear…cheering for us, that’s what motivates us to do it with all our heart. Then we say…”We are proud to be Lumad Basakanons” i just wish u were also here to celebrate it with us mam, so that i could get to know u too, hehehe

    Again Thank you! in behalf of all the dancers of Lumad Basakanon, our choreographers, the committee, and all the people of basak. God Bless You and your Family….and Take care always,

  8. Hi Ley!

    Just want to let you know that I have been a long time lurker here in your blog. 🙂 Si Sir Himan (of ang gatudlo nako diri. Ganahan kaayo ko magtanaw-tanaw sa imong mga pics diri. 🙂 Labi na kanang mga entries nimo ug pagkaon. Kung gutomon ko usahay unya wa ko kibaw unsa akong kan-on, muhapit gud ko diri para mudecide unsay maayo. Hahahahaha!

    Bitaw Ley, you’re one of the reasons why I started my own photo blog. I am a newbie too when it comes to photography. I’m no photographer…enthusiast lang. Just got my first cam last December 2007 and still learning the ropes. Lingaw man gyud diay sa? Now I understand. Hehehehe.

    I just want to say thanks for the pictures! Keep them coming! Daghan kaayo ganahan sa imo photo blog bai! And you’re a good man! 🙂

    Salamat, bai Ley! 🙂

  9. ako favorite na picture!…..wahahaha
    ——->(This little girl left her group and just ran around. LOL.)

    pagkaaaaaaaaa CuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttEeeee!!!

  10. wa man gud ko kabalo na naa diay ka ato Ley….masultian ta taka kung asa mi mag atubang…..nya ako man to mga kaila tanan concihal sa basak pardo…gibutang ta taka sa babaw sa IPI nga bus para nindut angle bah….jejejeje dito ta ka mag piktur2x, ;D


  11. hahaha. lagi. didto gyud mi sa atubangan actually. pagabot sa IPI nga bus, gialihan mi. bwhahahaha. didto na pud mi sa kilid. naabot ang mga army. gialihan na pud mi. LOL. wa na gyud mi nahimo. LOL

  12. lol….. mu browse sad diay mga Hollywood celebrity sa imong site ley? og take note…..kabalo c ben affleck mu bisaya?….

  13. hi
    dear Basaknon i proud of u guys in the sinulog performanced I see Mr. George rama and neighborhood .. I love it .. hala bira happy to see you in the computer..sitio lupanian group ………………………………………………………….. always , Maria luisa

  14. dear basaknon,
    You good in the sinulog … regards ko sa akong mga ig soon hermis vivian , myrna, roger ,val, uban pa.. nindot kaayo mo.. enjoy ….from maryland i miss cebu..
    , inday juliet

  15. Hoy; kumusta mo diha,, lingaw kaayo ko nagtan aw sa imong litrato sa sinulog nakita -an nako si panes rosales ug uban.. sitio lupa,, haha kumusta sa mga sisters and brothers . love,
    love from california jeanna , marilou , juliet and josephine loy

  16. what a rush … seeing how cebuanos ramp up the festivities during this tradition rich event. I’m in virginia and i have missed my native city so bad…. regards to my brother, roland soque…

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