Wishful Thinking: My Cebu Bucket List

So, I decided to come up with my very own Cebu Bucketlist. It’s just basically a list of places in Cebu that I want to visit or activities that I want to do. I’ll try to update this list often. Also, if you could lend me a hand, suggestions and tips are very much welcome! πŸ™‚


First on the list is definitely TOPS in Busay. Believe it or not, I’ve been to Busay a gazillion times but I’ve never really been to TOPS. How much is the entrance fee?


Sumilon Island is like a dream destination for a lot of tourists. Sadly, I am one of those tourists. Hehe. I hear you have to pay P700 to get to the island? Is that true? Very pricey.


Ok, I’ve been to Malapascua in the past. But that was when the digital camera was still BEING invented. Hahaha. I want to go back and take a lot of photos!


And all those expensive resorts in Mactan. I’ve never been to any one of them. Hahaha. I’m totally not kidding. How much is a regular day tour in these resorts?


I want to visit Aguinid Falls again. It’s been ages!


I heard they’ve transformed (for the better) some parts of Camotes. I want to go back and see them for myself!


I saw a feature on TV and it would be awesome to see the underwater scenes of Mactan.


My friend Gian has been inviting me to give it a try. I just might give it a go one of these days.

How about you? What places in Cebu do you want to visit one day? Also, please recommend spots that I could check out. Who knows, I might hit the jackpot at the local lottery tomorrow! πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking: My Cebu Bucket List

  1. Ley, entrance to Tops is 100/person. if you are a cardholder, 50% off sya. mostly, taxi drivers have this. As for Sumilon, if you hire a pump boat and park near the shoreline, no fee. you can swim in their waters. But for a day trip, the rate is 2k inclusive of use of all resort facilities plus buffet lunch ata. For Shangri-la, what we do is tell them we will go to Cowrie Cove, their restaurant by the beach area. you will pass by their swimming pool to get there. So basically, you’d have access to the resort na except the beach. you can order dessert or ang kinabaratohan na drink sa Cowrie Cove if mauwaw mo moadto na wala ni order. But if you can get away with it, go go go! πŸ™‚ for day tour sa Shangri-la with use of pool, i think 1.5k ata or 2k. ehehehe

  2. Oh! Whatta nice dream Bai. My dream is to explore Camotes Is, Bantayan Is and Malapascua Is. Sa Northern part of the province lang usa.

  3. TOPS on top of the list! Nice! Halos tanan man nindot.

    When I got the time and opportunity, I would like to visit sa lugar sa mga kulba-hinam nga lugar sa siyudad sama sa: Carbon Market, sa Taboan, sa Colon… Puhon na lang.. unsaon ma-busy man ko’g adto sa mga […] nga lugar gud. πŸ™‚

  4. Someday I will visit the Philippines, until then I thank you for your excellent photography work. Would like to see photos of farm activities and farm worker’s and fields of crops and produce stands where farm products are for sale. Also motorcycles and car shows. Thanks and have a good day.?

  5. ive gotten into shangrila for free many times to swim in the beach. you just go in around 11 or noon and if someone asks your room number or something just say you’re going to check out the lunch buffet at tides. just don’t go as a big group – one or two persons should be fine with them. bring a small bag with you for your own towels and stuff. after that, no one will really boss you around, just don’t be loud. remember, beaches are supposed to be public by law so everyone should have access to them.

  6. TOPS
    – The last time na nag-anhi ko kay 100/head ang entrance fee. We rode a habalΒ² but pakyaw system and it cost us 250 pesos back and forth plus the add-on para sa waiting period since wala man mag-agi didto na mga sakyanan.

    – Went to this isla April last year. Day tour rates for weekdays kay Php1,500.00 and Php2,000 pesos for weekends and holidays. Ang inclusion ani is use sa ilang facilities ug boat ride back and forth. Dili buffet ilang food, set lunch na siya. Pero naa mga banca na dili owned sa resort na pwede nimo mohatod sa isla. The very best thing about Sumilon Island kay ang dagat ra niya ug sandbar. As for the resort it did not make a very good impression sa akoa. Make sure na ting amihan yata ineg adto nimo para pabor ra kaayo nimo ang location sa sandbar.

    – Out of those hotels kay sa Plantation ug Crimson rako maka comment. LOL Plantation kay tag 2k ang ilang day tour, libre na gamit sa tanan facilities nila and then ang ilang food kay set lunch pud. Gamay ra ang choices pero lingaw kaayo kay daghan ka mabuhat sa resort. While sa Crimson, Php1,500.00 pag weekdays and Php1,800 pag weekends. Lunch buffet ang Crimson pero until 2:00 in the afternoon ra ang buffet. Peaceful ang ambiance pero ma crowded pag daghan na guests kay gamay man lang gud ang place. Tapos make sure na magcall ka sa resort pag gusto ka mag day tour kay dili sila magpa day tour pag fully book ang resort.

    Ako gusto ko mag-adto ani ay:
    Carnaza Island in Daanbantayan
    Caubian Island in Mactan
    Gibitngil Island in Medellin
    Day tour sa Movenpick
    Kana lang sa kay sobra kadaghan nindot sa Cebu! Hahaha

  7. Day use at Imperial Palace is 2500/person with buffet. I can give you one at 2000. hahahaha πŸ™‚

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