Sinulog 2009 Grand Parade


I’m very sorry for the very late post. Gikapoy lang gyud ko lately. Anyways, I suddenly felt the urge to blog tonight, so here are the photos!

By the way, before we begin, let me just tell you that I wasn’t able to get tons of photos because of some very unpleasant events which happened to me last January 18. What happened, you ask? LOL.

Well, I woke up at around 10 am because we got home around 6:00 am from the Mañanita Mass at the Basilica (we got there at around 2 am for the 4:00 am mass and we didn’t find a single seat!) So, obviously, I was late and the streets were already jammed and I had to walk from corner B. Rodriguez to Fuente Osmeña. LOL. And  since the weather was very nice last January 18, millions, literally,  flooded the streets of mid and downtown Cebu. And that means, every single main road, alley, side road – everything! Anyways, I don’t think I should tell you everything that happened. I might use up the entire page. LOL. Let’s just say that I had 6 near-death experiences. So, I hope that answered your question. Hahaha.

Next year, I swear, bisag dili DSLR akong camera, mukuha na gyud kog Photog ID. Hayahay kaayo ang photogs kay pwede makalusot2x. Pwede pa gyud kaduol sa contingents. Katong uban tawn, sama nako, naa ra sa kilid-kilid. Hahahaha.

So, here are the pictures that I took  during the event. They’re not much. Pasensya na.


She’ s one of the most graceful Festival Queen contestants this year.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Niño and the dolphins. Float from LactoPafi

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

The  lead dancer of the Lahug contingent.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Hula boys!

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

My neighbor and her kids enjoying the Sinulog parade.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Hinay lang. Basin mubuto!

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

She’s a tie-gah!

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Koreans everywhere!

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

I think my neighbor was a bit sad because a policeman was blocking her view. Hahahaha.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Just ate lunch?

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Grahe kaayog pose ang mga photogs. LOL.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.


Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Look! It’s  King Kong!

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Marian Rivera. Very very pretty! I almost dropped my camera because the people who were running towards her float didn’t care if they actually stepped on a living organism. And there were thousands of them. LOL

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.


Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Lead dancer of the Camp Lapu-Lapu contingent

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Bust of  Jesus Christ.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Lunch break near E-Mall

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

Yes. I experienced that. I almost lost consciousness, actually. LOL. I’ll get that Photog’s ID next year. I swear! Puhon! Puhon! Hehehe.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.

KC and Richard promoting their movie. Very beautiful people.

Sinulog Parade 2009 by you.


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38 thoughts on “Sinulog 2009 Grand Parade

  1. ley, una sa tanan, are you ok now, or still recovering from the incident, pagbantay intawon ley, i know daghan kaayo crowd kay we have to walk from capitol to abellana grandstand, si dave kept on asking “are we there yet?” pero ok lang siya sa walking kay anad man but he did not expect the magnitude of people and the celebration (his first time) anyway he enjoyed every bit of it, karga pa niya ang among Nino….. Ley, ok next yr puhon we might be coming back again, this is what we can do for you…. i will get you a grandstand pass sa balikbayan side, unsa ba nang photo ID paliton kay palitan pod tika ana, we were just so disorganized during our cebu visit that our schedule were too hectic but next time puhon invite tika sa CEBU 2010 balikbayan party held sa ayala, i bought 10 tickets for friends but guess what only me and dave showed up, the invites was too late…… we saw all the movie stars sa grandstand the problem is we don’t know who they are, si nora ug vilma i know, LOL! but anyway, regards to your mom and satch….. ohhh dave wanted to apologize wala siya kaila nimo kay unsaon blondie man diay imo hair, hehehehe, coz’ he was asked about you!

    1. @mam luisa

      nyahahaha. blondie gyud. LOL.

      grabe gyud ang duot2x didto. hasta si line, naapil ug kapiit. hahaha.

      next year, adto na lang gyud ko sa fuente dapit. hehehe.

      but ok ra man ko. way blema. hehe

  2. wow dhong, thanks for posting the pics. i admit, i was kinda waiting for them. hope youre feeling okay. with that large amount of people in one place so many things can happen. di gyud na mapugngan. “kilid-kilid” or up-close your pictures are still magnificent & we do appreciate you posting them and sharing them with us, esp kaming wa makaadto. get well!

  3. Hello Ley,,im so sorry for the mishap that happen to you. I know you sacrifice yourself doing that, just for us your MCPB friends.Thanks for your effort. I enjoy @ love reading, looking your MCPB. Hope your alright now. Ug unta deka motagam Dong, kay ang imo rang blog ang akong gisubaybayan.

    @ Luisa, is the balikbayan side in the grandstand the red color? And where to obtain that pass and so with for the balikbayan party at Ayala. Please can you give me information. Thank you.

  4. @inday myrna

    balikbayan ticket for sinulog, blue color this yr, ayala mall provided a booth where you can buy the sinulog and balikbayan party ticket, all you need is your passport and you can buy as many tickets as you want for both events….. gov’t gwen garcia is awesome the booth also promoted the suroy suroy sa sugbu…. sinulog tickets are very accessible you can also get them at the abellana main office but ayala mall is closer to our house…. the balikbayan party was well put together lots of food buffet style pero naa gihapon waiter for the drinks, the program was awesome naka-kahome sick talaga! for P250 per head it was a bargain – sinulog ticket for bbayan P550…. and you know the daily sun star gives alot of directions/programs during sinulog week

  5. ley, ang mga photographer didto sa abellana naa gyud sarili nilang place, tua gyud noon sila sa front center of the stage and i noticed they wore and ID badge, i even told dave “ley might be among those aspirant photogs down there taking pics. for the MCPB” abi gyud nako didto ka……

  6. ley, daghan ayo mi pics sa Ms Cebu up close and personal gyud conversation nila kay they made a cameo appearance towards the middle and at the end of the balikbayan party, usa man sila sa dako nga highlight of the party, sus pagkatag-as nila esp ms cebu and her 1st runner up (5’8″) ms cebu-janson spoke english the whole time we talked about the US economy, kahibalo siya bisdak ko, lingaw ayo si dave taking pics. of them….hehehehe

  7. “grabe gyud ang duot2x didto. hasta si line, naapil ug kapiit. hahaha.”

    unimaginable ang duot2x ato… Mura gud ko nakaligo usab paggawas namo sa sidewalk! I think naka-develop kog temporary claustrophobia atong adlawa… wahahaha

  8. Thank you for the information Luisa.

    Is blue section too crowded? I was in the white section last year, very bad no seating allocation. Even thu we arrive early, by midday i can’t move my arms, ewww… So i decide to go early and i experience the duot2x along Robinson,as some of the contingents still in the parade. My tshirt is blacken from the tattoo, ewwww…

  9. Bloody hell mate… you know how long i been waiting for this photo? it’s true that this photos aren’t as good as what i’ve expected from you… but i can’t ignore the fact that you put up a lot of shit just to be able to take and upload this photos for us cebuanos living abroad… thank you for the effort…much appreciated… i think you deserve a better camera… i’ll see what i can do… bring on SINULOG 2010…

  10. Good captures of the moment. I always see your blog, with a wonderful pictures of Cebu. The Fiesta makes cebuano more happier. i see them smilling with all their heart.

    Thanks for promoting The Cebu City Culture through Good Pictures!

    Dear sir/madam:

    may i ask for permision to use some of this pictures in the future days, i might use it on my blog featuring CEBU and promoting our cultural heritage by 10 blogpost by the first week of FEB?

  11. Thanks for sharing Sinulog to us, Ley! Bilib gyud ko nimo 🙂


    Hey readers of MCPB!

    Since we enjoy this site so much, can’t we all chip-in so Ley can get that DSLR? Let me know when to pass the hat around 🙂

  12. Kanindot anang DSLR. Hihihi. Pero ayaw lang oi. That’s too much na. Okay pa man pud ang camera nako karon. Mahal ra kaayo nang DSLR gyud. Thanks anyways, mam Buchick, DazzMelbourne, mam ianne, mam Inday, mam Luisa, and all other readers of MCPB. Payt Bisdak! 😀

  13. Hi Ley,

    Hinaut wa ka madat-ug pag ayo sa mga tawo. Ana jud na Sinulog oi mao naundang ko ug tan-aw sa parada kay magsinikhanay pa usahay masikhan ang di mao. Mao sa TV nalang ko kutob. Anyway pwede si Shatsmo sa Balikbayan Party di baya ka sud si Shatsmo ug wa ka. Ingna gikan si Shatsmo sa America oi!

  14. Maayo tawon oi. Kay sos madaut jud ang atong suroy suroy ani. Mura ra baya pud me ug nakasuroy sa lain laing lugar tungod aning imong website Ley. Pasalamat jud ko nga nakamugna ka ani kay mawala ang kakapoy maglantaw sa nice pictures sa Cebu. Keep it up Ley and more blessings.

  15. Bahin sa duot-duot, I was a kid during the first Sinulog in the early 80’s (yikes, dating myself there). My parents took me to see the parade. Sus, huot gyud kaayo. Abi sad to nako mamatay na ko ato kay grabe gyud kadaghang tawo : ). Wa gyud ko kakita sa parada kay gamiting man tawon ko.

    Situation is much better now – we get to enjoy the parade without having to deal with the crowds simply by looking at your blog. Thanks for this post. As usual, it’s an enjoyable vicarious experience.

    Btw, kinsa man na si Marian Rivera? Parison man mo, Ley.

  16. maayo tuod nang idea nga BB ticket for sinulog, ug ang presyo very reasonable kaayo considering the perks that goes along with it. pila kaha ka days (or weeks? or months?) in advance kaha maayo ipalit sa ticket para di ta mahutdan. nanghinaut ko nga makapauli ug makaapil sa 2011 sinulog (puhon paabuton). maayo na unta ang economy anang panahona. meanwhile, go bisdaks!!!

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