In Photos: Mountain View Nature Park (The Christmas Park)

Mountain View Nature Park Series III: Christmas Park

Aside from a Children’s Park and a Mini Nayong Pilipino, the Mountain View Nature Park in the highland barangay of Busay has another colorful and well-loved spot within its premises called the Christmas Park.

Santa Claus and his ball! A statue of Santa Claus can be seen standing at the entrance area of the Christmas Park.

A rocking bench sitting close to the edge of the park gives visitors an amazing view of the city below.

It looks gorgeous, don’t you think?

This is yet another viewing deck where visitors can hold a little picnic whenever they visit.

The park also has Stations of the Cross with stops located in various key positions within the park.

This beautiful scupture depicts the nativity scene.

Here is another statue of Jesus praying in the garden before his arrest.

Here’s a nice little space for just two people.

More cottages can be found along the road.

13 thoughts on “In Photos: Mountain View Nature Park (The Christmas Park)

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  3. Too bad I didn’t go to this park when I went home. Would have been a great place to unwind – especially after braving the horrendous traffic. That second-to-the-last one seems like a really romantic nook. Great shots, Leylander!

  4. very nice!! i really like to go there..

    maybe sometime..i would

    pila ang entrance?den wat mn sakyan if mg commute rka? tnx daan

  5. spent a few days at this park , the views are some of the best in the world in my opinion especially the night time view overlooking cebu, if u havent allready been here what r u waiting for???. not only is it a great adventure for the kids but its also such a romantic setting for the grown ups …

  6. we were there in Jan. 2009, a close friend drove us up there, and get to meet the creator of the was very nice, pretty and I will definitely recommend it to my friends to come and visit, and the nice part about it? it only cost 50 pesos per person to get it. cant wait to go back!

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