Team Azkals In Cebu

I admit I’m not a big fan of football. In fact, if it weren’t for Jenny who literally dragged me to get tickets to the Azkals-Lions game, I wouldn’t know how popular the sport has become.

A few weeks ago, Jenny told me about a football game between the Philippine Football Team (Philippine Azkals) and the Singapore Lions. I wasn’t really interested especially when she mentioned that we would be getting a ‘white’ ticket which costs Php600. Woah! That’s more than 7 Chickenjoy meals! Hahaha. Anyways, she reasoned that the game would be a good material for MCPB and she promised that it would be amazing. Well, okay!

Long story short, here are some photos of the Azkals-Lions game held last night, November 15, 2012, at the Cebu City Sports Center (which, by the way, was just so freaking beautiful last night!) Enjoy the photos, guys!

The Philippine Football Team – Philippine Azkals

The energy at the Cebu City Sports Center was like no other. It was fun and intense and exciting!

Plus, who would’ve thought???? The field, just a few months ago, was empty and just totally lifeless. And now look at that! That is a world-class football field right there!

And so, it’s finally starting! The entry of colors.

Philippine Flag!

And when the players walked in, the crowd just went crazy.

Presentation of game officials.

The official presentation of players.

Team Singapore!

National Anthem of Singapore

Philippine National Anthem

A huge Philippine Flag! Woohoo!

Huddle before the start of the game.

And so it begins.

The crowd was just crazy!

Goalkeeper kicking the ball.

Score: 0-0.

Azkals Coach – Coach Weiss

Injury from the Lions

Moving on!

Another injury from Team Philippines.


Fans showing their support.

Amazing crowd of cheerers.

What a truly exciting game.

Two on two!

And finally, a goal for Team Philippines! And the crowd went wild!


1-0, ya’ll!

Then, there was this nerve-wracking penalty kick. Everyone was nervous.

But it was blocked! The goalkeeper was just awesome!

And the crowd went crazy!!!!

Near the end of the match, the people began chanting “Daug na!”

And when the game was officially over, there was pandemonium at the grandstand! Hahaha.

After the game, we were able to catch the post-game conference.

Here’s the Coach of Team Singapore.

Then, it was the turn of the Philippine team. The men of the hour.

Marwin Angeles – the one who score the goal.

Chieffy Caligdong – Team captain.

Edward Sacapaño – Goalkeeper.

Coach Weiss

Awesome performance from this dude.

They were all very friendly.

Posing for photos with my friends Jenny and Andrew.

It was an awesome experience. Go Azkals!

20 thoughts on “Team Azkals In Cebu

  1. very exciting match. it was my first time to watch a football game inside a stadium. ahahaha. it had a Sinulog feel. More games in Cebu pleaseeeeeeeee.

  2. Nikki soccor is what it is called in U.S.A Football is it’s real name and is what it is called in England and all of europe and latin america, so please in future refer to our great sport as FOOTBALL. Here in England football is more like religon than sport. By the way anyone know where I can buy an Azkal jersey? I can swap for any English teams jersey or most european team jersey.

  3. two guys with face paints are my buds. and yeah we were the noisy guys from the white tickets.:D
    great penalty save pic.;) really well timed.
    feb6 [rumors] we’ll host another one, this time vs kuwait.

  4. Oops, my bad. I didn’t know football to the rest of the world is soccer to Americans. Football and soccer are two different sports in the US. The National Football League (NFL) which is the highest level of professional American football in the United States and is more like religion to the fans as well.

  5. I love watching and cheering football. Im a crazy fans of Brisbane Roar here in Australia. We won last Friday night game vs Sydney FC (Allessandro del Pierro). I wish Azkals have a friendly game here with Brisbane Roar. That night Azkals play in Cebu, im looking for the live streaming. Unfortunately nothing. @ Dondon i hope that rumours becomes reality. Woohoo! Go Azkals.

      1. gaan tika number jud naku ley! HAHAHAHA! ganahan ko mkyog sa imung laag jud. bantay bitaw ka naku. 😀 sayanga oy. wa jud kita sa azkals dah. 😀

  6. Oh my goo, Chris Greatwich is back!!! So, this means he’ll play for Suzuki!!! I’m so happy he’s back. He’s my favorite Azkal… along with Etheridge and the YH bros.

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