One Night at The Henry Hotel Cebu

I admit, I’ve received several invites from hotels (local or islands away) in the past couple of years. Although I enjoy getting invites, the ones that really interest me are those from hotels that I find fascinating and worth a second look. A couple of weeks ago, I received an invite from the Henry Hotel Cebu. The Henry Hotel is a chain of boutique hotels that known for being quirky and unique.

Without second thoughts, I said yes to an overnight stay at the hotel.

The Henry Hotel is one of the most interesting hotels I’ve ever been to. To say that it’s a stand-out is an understatement. In fact, basing only on its all black facade, the dripping ‘substance’ from the top of the building, and the interesting typeface plastered just above the main entrance, it is clear that the hotel has something ‘different’ to offer.

The Henry Hotel Cebu is located at No. 1 Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisan Entrance Road, Banilad, Cebu City. From the Banilad flyover, it is that eye-catching low-rise building you can see to your right.

The awesome thing about the Henry Hotel is that they take care of even the smallest details. Check out the nice-looking railings leading to the main entrance.

The lobby of the Henry Hotel is a destination in its own right. It is probably the most photographed area in the entire hotel.

This couch at the lobby is just too special. Just look at that!

This armour is a great addition to the lobby’s interior design. It’s so out of place yet it’s definitely where it should be.

And check out this access stairwell. It can definitely double as an art gallery.

This whole set-up is what makes the Henry Hotel different from all the rest.

Doesn’t that set-up look ravishing? It reminds me of some of my most favorite films that feature vintage suitcases.

As expected, the people manning the hotel are fun, polite, and very friendly. They even gave me a tour of the entire property! 🙂

No space is left untouched at the Henry Hotel. As one reviewer said, every square inch of the property is ‘Instagrammable.’ This foyer area on the fourth floor, for example, features this beautiful art installation.

Now, let’s check out their rooms.

The room that they gave me was called a ‘big’ room. And I’m not even gonna question that because the room was definitely big! And it looks stunning, too!

The room is cozy and vibrant and bold and fearless at the same time.

This room is so spacious. It’s easily three times bigger than most regular hotel rooms I’ve stayed in.

My favorite spot would have to be this nice-looking reading nook right next to the glass window.

The Henry Hotel gives special attention to even the smallest details. The welcome cards, the key card holder, even the deposit receipt all look so fun and wonderfully crafted.

And look at the notepad and the pencil! They do look even cuter in person! Haha!

The large poster-sized photographs hung in the hallway give the hotel a chill yet sophisticated feel.

A few hours after dinner, I decided to head to the pool for a quick swim.

It was very fortunate that no one else was around. It was a warm summer night. And a few quick laps really helped. The Henry Hotel’s Pool area is open until 10:00 pm.

You can also see fun signs in various parts of the hotel. This one, for example, is plastered outside the elevator on the third floor.

Inside the elevator, you will see this great-looking ‘hotel map.’

Look how pretty this stone frame is just outside the hotel bar.

After a few laps, I returned to my room to grab something to eat. Looking at the price list, I must say that the rate is actually pretty okay.

Rica’s Restaurant, which sits at the ground floor of the hotel, is truly a hodgepodge of everything ridiculously cool, dainty, and magical. Just look at those gigantic chairs!

And look how cool these restaurant cubicles are!

I also checked out the hotel’s other rooms.

This one is humongous! It has a big room and a smaller one connected to it.

This one has spaces for writing, meetings, long chats over coffee, and other business activities.

This one is sultry and bold and has elements that make it elegant and delicate.

And look at the cavernous bathrooms! The bigger rooms have bath tubs and really spacious shower boxes.

Now imagine relaxing here after a long day of travel, business meetings, or local sightseeing.

This one has Asian elements that make it look regal and special.

The Henry Hotel also has a very wonderfully maintained READING ROOM which has a computer and several areas for reading.

The Reading Room also has beautiful and couches and chairs for discussions and board games.

The uniquely beautiful bar at Rica’s Restaurant  serves guests very early in the morning and even late at night.

Rica’s Restaurant’s breakfast buffet spread cannot compare to the massive buffet spreads of other bigger hotels. However, in terms of presentation, taste, variety, and selection, the spread at Rica’s is one of my most favorite buffet spreads in Cebu City!

For breakfast, they serve hot off the grill breakfast dishes we all can’t live without!

My ultimate favorite would have to be the pork tocino. It’s probably the best-tasting pork tocino in the whole world!

After breakfast, it was time to leave.

I know I had a really good time. And I am confident that if you decide to give The Henry Hotel Cebu a try, you too will have a swell time, as well.

Fore more details , check out the Henry Hotel Cebu today! 🙂

The Henry Hotel Cebu

No. 1 Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Entrance Road, Banilad, Cebu City
Contact Number – (032) 520 8877

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful collection.
    You have made this hotel a “Definite” place to stay the next time I am in Cebu.
    Thank you….

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