Ziplining in Balamban

First of all, welcome home to my cousin Clint! He just got back from Jeddah!

So, anyway, a few weeks ago, a friend told me about a new zip line facility somewhere in Balamban. She said the name of the place was K33. So, obviously, it’s 33 kilometers from the city. She also said that her friend owns the place and that if I wanted to check the place out, I could simply look for the owner and tell him who I am. I would then get a discount or something. LOL.

Well, I didn’t do it. 1, because I couldn’t do it. And 2, because Clint promised that he would take all of us there when he comes home. And indeed, he didn’t break his promise. Hehehehe. Thanks a lot, Clint!

Clint and his brother Istong taking off!

The real name of the place is K33 Green Adventure. K33 because it was exactly 33 kilometers from Cebu City. And ‘green adventure’ because you’ll see nothing but green mountains when you’re there. Hehehe.

The K33 tarp posted along the Transcentral Highway. If you know where Island in the Sky is, you won’t get lost. Hehehe.

Log on to their website for more information.

Going down to the main view deck. We’re pretty excited!

We’re finally here.

Sign seen in the vicinity.

Rules and Regulations

300 meters. Can you handle it?

The other launching platform.

Nice looking restaurant serving shakes and sandwiches. Cool!

With an awesome view of the mountains of Balamban. Wow!

Site Development Plan.

Don’t worry. It’s very sturdy!

Safety Rules

Crew checking the equipment.

Manang is pretty nervous! Haha.

A father-daughter tandem. Pretty brave kid.

Signing the waiver.

Manang ready to do it!

I’m pretty nervous myself! If this is where it all ends, know that I do Love Cebu!

Ready to take off!

And off we go! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Next up, Clint and Istong!

Rock on!

Hikel, you’re up next!

Going solo! Hahaha.

It was a pretty kick-ass experience! I wanna do it again!

By the way, it’s Php160/person. That’s a total of 500 meters of pure awesomeness!

Visit K33 Green Adventure now!

51 thoughts on “Ziplining in Balamban

  1. murag igo ra jud ko tan aw ani..hehehehe nice sad… pero medyo layo man sad ni siya oi… nindot unta duol2x sa syudad…

  2. I love ziplining. Thanks for this story. Now I know that whenever I go home for a vacation, I have a place to do it.

  3. Looks safer and trustworthy. Maybe I should try this company than the other one you posted before. Thanks for the update Ley.

      1. adto lang mo sa citilink. naay para balamban didto through transcentral highway. pwede pud mo sa ayala terminal. naa sa second floor ang v-hire for balamban…

        1. kung musakay ta sa citilink sir via transcentral, mahunong na jud ta ana sa k33 or musakay pajud ug laing ride? thanks kaayo sir, im planning maybe in two weeks. EXCITED kau ko sir, this is just awesome:))

  4. ahaha.. kyg nya ta ley ha.. sugod nmn ko wrk ig tuesday oi.. cge ig week-end rmn ka available noh.. let you knw wen m adto sa akong freind… ^_^ its a nice experirence…

  5. Ley, wala diay nimo gi-ingnan sa discount? Hehehehe..sige lang, naa may ni-treat gihapon nimo… 🙂 I hope I have the courage to try this…If not, shakes and juices lang ako didto sa payag…. 😀 Kita ka sa akong gi-tag nimo didto sa FB?

  6. leylander, i am very excited for cebu! and for me, too! hahaha..! will try it when i get back there. ayo ayo leylander..! :))

  7. leylander, i am very excited for cebu! and for me, too! hahaha..! will try it when i get back there. ayo ayo leylander..! :)) btw, pa repost na ani ha..? thanx :))

  8. have tried the zipline in doce pares, kato imu earlier post. very safe bya siya [bisan kun tan.awn dili].. hehe..nice sad ddto then mas duol, but dili lang kaayu developed ang place pareha ani.

    160 jud bayad? sa ilaha lage nga site kay 200..
    wala nay bayad sa entrance? 2-way nani ang 160?
    ni.visit ko ila site,naa lage min. weight req.
    tinuod jud na? naa lage gagmay nakasakay?

  9. cebu is really picking alot of excitements for people to enjoy and thats great thinking back cebu was justa an ordinary place to hang around, unbelievable how so many people loves to invest in my native place and am very proud to call myself a pure cebuano….

  10. Thank you kaayo sa pagpost ani mga pics! 🙂 ..complete jud kayo ..information and all 🙂 planning to bring some of my cuzns/friends ,who’s not from cebu, here sa zipline when they’ll visit cebu soon. .. I LOVE CEBU too!! 🙂

  11. Hi Ley,

    hala wala pa lagi ko ka dungog aning lugara. it’s good to have u here kay updated kaayo sa mga tourist attractions sa cebu. Weeeee plan siguro ko mo try ani heheh

    Thanks a lot Ley 😉

  12. hello there LEYLANDER! great article and pics on this other zip line place in Cebu…
    me and my family are going there in Cebu on Nov 26-28 2010 weekend.

    and my Mom is sooo excited to be doing some zip line adventure!
    of course kami ng sister ko super thrilled to be doing this for the
    first time, take note!

    so now im thinking where to zip line first? the one in Busay or this
    one in Balamban? where its safer?

  13. wow thanks a bunch for the quick reply, Ley…
    based on your vids, the Busay Zip line is shorter than that of
    the K33 in Balamban… the longer distance the better, hehe…
    ok so might as well try this one. excited na me …

    by the way, i dont know how you can help me advertise this but
    if you have friends from Manila, who are or plans to go Cebu on Nov 26 2010, i have a spare one way promo ticket via AirPhil with ETD of 415AM.
    ticket price is only P750. pls spread the word around.

    and to peeps interested, pls contact me via CP 0922 800 2146 …thanks
    for the help Ley….

  14. hello again Ley,
    how does one get to the K33 zip line coming from downtown Cebu City
    proper? thats where ill be coming from on Nov 26th..
    via commute using jeepney ba? or how?

    thanks uli !

    1. balamban is around 30 kilometers from cebu city. you can’t take the jeep or cab. go to citilink terminal near cebu city hospital and ask around for the v-hire for balamban. talk to the driver and tell him where you’re headed.

      you could also go to ayala center cebu terminal.

  15. It’s good to hear this kind of adventure in Balamban. You may also try ziplining in Davao. Heres what Davao can offer:

    @ Eden Mountain Resort, 200 meters long
    @ Zip City, 310 meters
    @ Outland Adventure, 720 meters
    @ Camp Sabros, 820 meters

    Just google it…

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