In Photos: Balamban’s Island in the Sky

Cheesy title, I know. But’s that the very first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name Island In The Sky. Which happens to be a mountain resort, by the way, in Balamban Cebu.

Island In The Sky is about 40 minutes and 50 Kms from the city. It can be reached via Balamban-headed V-hires, and on occasion, haba-habal.

View of the Transcentral Highway. Wow!

Wala’y restaurant inig Saturday so pag-bawn lang mo.

Saka ta!

Murag scary gamay ilang welcome sign. Hehehe.

 Up up and away! [murag Superman akong theme karon da. Hasta title, Superman! hahahaha]

Pwede ka paligid-ligid diri…

And pinasagdan nga basketball court and swimming pool. Who wants to swim in fog?

Naug na pud ta.

Pine Tree

Ganahan ka mag swing diri nga pirting tugnawa? Hahahaha.

At last, nawala gamay ang fog. Posing akong inahan. Hahahaha.

Balik na pud ang fog. Ahak! Hahahaha.

Dahon man na nga basa. LOL.

Pine Trees na pud!

Adik ray ganahan maglingkod-lingkod diri kay magpahangin. Hahahaha.

Ang mga swing.

Resident toughies.

Kani siya resident bully.

Yay! Wala nay fog!

Yes! Gamay na lang!

Oi! Nibalik na pud!

Wa ko kabalo sa name ani nga buwak.

Hala! Kabaga na pud sa fog!

Padung sa restaurant.

Ang main viewing deck.

Mao ni model sa resort.

Palit lang! Gutom na mo?

Wa na kay makita tungod sa fog.

Wow! Kalami sa init nga sotanghon!

Paresan pa gyud ug burger ug Sprite! Yey!

At last, wala na gyuy fog!

Wow! Naklaro na ang coast sa Balamban.

Hala! Ang Balamban!

Hala! Ang Shipyard!

Wohoo! Dili na kaayo tugnaw!

Hala! Naay naabot nag picture-picture!

Ang nindot kaayo nga hanging bridge.

Hapa-hapa pud gamay.

Hiliga gyud aning mga Bisdak pasikat oi. Hahaha. At least dili wrong grammar. Hahahaha.

Siguro gakurog ni iyaha nangihi. Bwahahahaha.

Weird jeep. Pero rock!

85 thoughts on “In Photos: Balamban’s Island in the Sky

  1. I think that’s the default setting by the OS. nways, Go to “Control Panel” -> “Security Center” . You can turn ON/OF your firewall here

    Or you can go to “Control Panel” -> “Firewall”..

    Nice Pics again..

  2. na hala! nganong duna may swimming pool diha, nga kabaga man unta sa fogs.

    unsa may gamiton natong wet suits diri, WOOL JACKET or DOWN JACKET?


  3. Looked like you got the answer to your firewall question. Turning it off might help indeed, but be sure to turn it back on when you start surfing the web again.

    Now, about this post, gitugnaw ko nagtan-aw sa mga litrato! Nganong mura ug kamo ra mai tawo didto, Ley?

  4. It’s the little Baguio in Cebu! LOL I would love to be up there. They should build a shelter so people can warm up themselves inside.=)

  5. ideru: thanks! i’ll try that when I get home tonight.

    lyn: lagi. perting tugnawa pero naay pool. LOL.

    takdol: naa may laing taw sir. pero tua sa may cafe. nangaon ug cup noodles. LOL.

    mam ianne: naa may murag small resto didto. naay burgers, coffee, cup noodles, etc. =)

    tikboy: bud bud man gyud! hahahaha. bitaw. nagbasol ko ngano ga shorts ko. LOL.

  6. heylow ley,

    hehehehe gakurog ko nagbasa ani .. ahak! heheehe

    last time dha ko kay sun shiny day to cya .. hehehe sa imong pic dili na halos makita ang background tungod sa fog.. 🙂

    nice pics ley, as usual 🙂

  7. turning off your firewall is kinda dangerous. instead, try adding the Flickr program to ur firewall’s “exceptions/allow list”.

  8. hey…u gave me an idea what this island looks like…i was surfing the net ( google search) to view any article about “Island in the sky” and i came to see your blog…

    we`re heading there first hour tomorrow…thanks so much!

    p.s. i`m impressed with the photos and the way you make a little chit-chat of every pic, chronologically…i saw your other articles too…some of the comments are so funny…

    nice job! the photography thing can be your sideline when you become a lawyer…hmm…i can see you through your art!

    Res ipsa loquitor!

  9. Leyland,

    as usual splendid pictures! bai, not sure kung na ka compile na ba ka ug pics regarding buildings in and around cebu that are under development? it may be nice to see a good perspective of cebu’s progress as a booming (always man gyud ni!) province. daghang salamat!

  10. i live in cantipla near at this place. its true that this place is kinda “very cold”
    even us, na dugay nami nagpuyo didto tugnawon gehapon mi.

    soon cantipla gonna have a native restaurant. and a place u can find some warm
    to prevent the cold.


  11. leylan!

    i got to go to Island in the Sky last February and i must say i enjoyed our adventure. grabe katugnaw then, naabtan pa jud mig uwan but i wasn’t complaining kay ganahan ayo ko sa weather. anyhow, thanks for your very informational blog. some of my friends have questions re the resort and with your blog, i was able to come up with answers. 🙂

    keep up the good work. take care & i’ll see you around dear! 🙂

  12. Hi there! Where is this place exactly located at in Cebu. We’ll be coming home soon, and I would like to see this in person.Thanks.

  13. for an amateur driver is the road safe to drive considering the fog??? what time is is safe to drive in connection with the fog???

  14. hi..

    i really want to go there…thanks to your blog…but i dont have my own do i get there..and are there any available rooms and pila sad ang rates..please please please..i nid infos…i would kiss you to death..hehehehe..
    hope to see a reply soon..

  15. you can take a balamban-bound v-hire. ingna lang ang driver nga sa island in the sky ka naug. you can also take a habal-habal sa may JY. sabuta lang ang driver. make sure nga nagkasabot na mo sa price before mo manglarga.

    ang entrance didto kay around p50. i think naay picnic cottages @ p300. ayaw lang mo stay didto kay tugnaw. hhehehe. don’t know about the latest updates, though. basin naa na sila fireplace or something. hehe

  16. Hi Leylander!
    I’ve been browsing @ your cebu blog since May, and I must tell you, with all the info you provided and beautiful shots you’ve taken, you make Cebuano people around the world proud. What a great job!! My husband and I will be coming home next month to renew our vows, and we’d like to invite you on our wedding. The event will be in Maribago bluewater beach resort. Let me know if you can make it.
    Keep up the good work, you are appreciated!!

  17. So it’s settled then. I’ll let you know the exact date soon as we get there.
    Thanks for accepting our invitation. We’ll see you then.

  18. taka man lang ko ug post…i was supposed to ask my question for this post, i clicked the wrong pic hahaha….

    but i saw the asnwers to my question anyway…50 ang entrance, ok….

    btw, love your pics and the places where you’ve been to….ka.adto na ko sa uban, ngari ra wala pa…soon tingali…oh and i love ur comments on each pic, hehe….

    keep it up…

  19. hi ley,
    even u dont know me… send ko nimo message hehehe!
    lingaw kaayo sa inyo pictures and your comments..
    more pictures pls…

  20. Hi Leylander,
    We finally arrive in Cebu, Your invitation is here but I have no idea of where to send it. Drop me an email anytime or maybe contact # to reach you okay? Hope to hear from you soon.

  21. i dont know the real name of the flower but ingon nila “burikat” daw ang name in bisdak. I ask why and they answer it was named burikat kay inig ka gabii humot kaayo siya. nag try ko tanum sa amo gardenni dako nya tinuod jud na inig ka gabie pwerteng humota.

  22. hi! the pictures are nice but it would be better i guess if it was taken during summer season. The nearby mountains are nice to see and the Toledo wharf?. . I really miss Cebu!

  23. Nice pic… i’ve been there crossing the trans central hi-way from cebu to balamban just for experience. yeah you have to drive slowly or stop for a moment to get rid of the fog quite, dangerous.

  24. Hello, nice blog. ^_^ Ask lang ta ko if naa ka contact number ani na place? And if naa ba sad cla cottage didto where you can stay overnight? Thanks daan. ^^

  25. Hello,wow..Im empress or i can say….wowwww I’m planning to visit my fiance this coming april thats why i’m searching how cebu or balamban cebu look like…well as i see all the photos you guys post here..i think no need to wait that long……..Well I’m not a pilipino…and i fall inlove to a guy from this place.
    Well hope to meet you guys one of this days..maybe you could send me your contact number so that we can meet you once i reach cebu..i want to say thank you for this beautiful pictures..woww keep it up..


  26. hi! i really love the pics, actually m planning to be there this summer, i find the place quiet and it’s a pertect time to unwind and soul search..i can’t wait to be there…

  27. ASTIG kaayo part u website!!!!!! 😀 gi bookmark gud.. ahahahah coz it’s all about Cebu then there are places pa wala ko naka visit..taga Cebu man ta ko… naka help sya..sos! kapOy au pangita place sa Cebu pang summer escapade then complete man u site… SALUDO ko ani!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! PWEDE KO BORROW ni SATCHMO? cute lage xa… taga TISA ni sya? hilig man SIOMAI.. hehehehe.. 😀 POST PA PICS hap.. VISIT lang nya ko you site

  28. Thanks, Ley! nice kaau imo pictures. Plan to go there this May… The owner of the resort should reward you for a job well done.. keep it up!

  29. Hello Ley,

    great photoblog, specially all about CEBU..really love your pics and the way you make captions on them. 🙂 You give me and my friends ideas on where to go in our dream of discovering Cebu more and at the same time an adventure… Because of this, i invited my friends for our next stop to be here… 🙂 hope going there would not be dangerous…as one of my friends have a phobia in habal-habal… 😀

  30. hi there! i’ve seen your site before and i love it…..this place is paradise..well i just want to ask help from you guys…can anybody tell me how to get to balamban from mactan airport?and any hotel in balamban that i can stay?please help me how to get there…..or anyone can leave a phone number of any hotel nearby….thank you so much …more power

  31. Hey Leylander,

    Keep up the Good Work……You provided beautiful shots you’ve taken to everybody, you make every Cebuano people around the world proud. What a great job!! Hope to meet you soon.Give me a ring sometime ,


  32. murag cyag villa estrella at first..hihi but it sure is a beautiful place..labi na sa balamban ni..geez, i miss that place.

  33. hello,
    just got here recently…actually naa ra ko sa cebu but laagan pod ko pareha nimo…this place is the very nice to get back there whenever i have time

  34. its nice there, i just went there last Sunday’ very cool and i will surely come back when they have the cable cart ready’ weeeeehh,..

  35. hi..i’ve been there too! twas a great experience..having all the elements of nature within your reach. tugnaw kaau ang place, ug grabe ang fog 😉

  36. kaila man ko anang amerie ug brylle..hhehehhe..kalingaw.wat a small world..i salute u! nice kaayo ang imong mga pix.gimingaw ko samot sa CEBU.

      1. hi,

        i would like to inquire if theres a cottage or any rooms for overnight in this resort?and if there’s any, how much would be an overnight stay and how many person each room could accomodate. anybody here can provide the contact number and name of the owner of this resort for further inquiries? coz we are planning to held our teambuilding in this place, i would appreciate if someone could post reply on my queries re on this place.
        thanks and god bless.

        jeffrey 09212592944

  37. ahm,,elow,,just want to ask f pila sad ang pamasahe f mag v-hire ? saun pag abot dinhi dapita? from south bus terminal? just text me regards with this 09124667788

  38. it was so much informative
    luvs to go there…ive ben to Baguio bfre n wanted to xperience n balamban too
    thnx for d infos…pls keep us updated wd ds place…thnx.

  39. wow nice place…………cge nako agi sa central highway but la pa jud tawn ko kaanha sa island in the sky

    sana soon i can go there with my family………….

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