Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan 2010

I went early to the Cebu City Sports Center last january 10 to get a good seat. More people usually watch the Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan not only because the event is held on a Sunday, but also because the contestants come from different public elementary and high schools in the city of Cebu. Parents love to support their kids who participate in this said event. And usually, a group of five people would come to support a single dancer. So, imagine how many parents and supporters were actually there. LOL.

Anyways, although I already had a Photographer’s ID, the idea of standing beside the real photographers with my digital camera made me uncomfortable. LOL. So, I stayed near the VIP section in the grand stand and opted to take wide shots and just use the auto-zoom to focus on things that might be interesting.

By the way, here are the winners of the Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan 2010:

Elementary Category
5th Labangon
4th Guadalupe
3rd Cebu City Central School
2nd Lahug
1st Mabolo
Best in Costume: Mabolo

High School Category
5th Banilad Night
4th Don Vicente Rama
3rd Inayawan Night
2nd Camp Lapulapu Night
1st Abellana
Best in Costume: Abellana


Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan (City) 2010! Pit Senyor!

One hour before the start of the program. Look at that crowd!

While waiting for the contingents to arrive, the crowd was entertained by these amazing kids.


Sinulog 2010!!! Woot!


Forgot the name of the group. But they were really good.


Baskets of fruits


Honoring the Holy Child


Wow. Look at the expression on their faces. Awesome.


Mango pickers of Guadalupe. Go Team Guadalupe! 🙂


Tribu Mabolokon of Mabolo


Liad gyud kaayo o!

With the lead dancer.

The Alcalde and his beloved wife. Hehehehe.


Performance level! Awesome.


Very graceful dancer.


Back-up vocals.


Forgot the name of the school again. Sorry. Hehehe.


Very gorgeous costume.


Very cute kids.


Cebu’s Mayor O.


A very cute Galleon. Hahahaha.


Gift from the invaders.


Viva! Senyor Santo Niño!


Don Sergio’s number about a young boy’s journey to priesthood.


 Team from Baranggay Guadalupe! Woohoo!


Lovely lead dancer. And the costume is very nice.


Tattoo! Hehehe.


Contingent from Camp Lapu-Lapu. My bet.


Camp Lapu-Lapu’s lead dancer. I think she’s been dancing for three years now.


Praying for a sick child.


Praying to the Niño.


Pit Senyor! Payt Bisdak!

12 thoughts on “Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan 2010

  1. lingaw ko ug tan aw sa mga pics ui….i remember na usa ko sa tig make up sa Lahug Elem contingent kadtong mga panahon na nag maestra pa ko sa lahug. hahaay, bsan kapoy kaau to, kay mangadlawn mi adto sa school, lipay japon kaau ko ato. i really miss it! and again thanks to you ley for posting the nice pics. Grateful kaau ko na you exerted a lot of efforts to have this site. do you know how you make us all (kami intawn na nanipad sa abroad) happy……we wish you the best of health, and of course the best of everything!

    be happy always


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