Our First Time at The Cebu Parklane International Hotel

Today, I once again joined Line and Vet in their search for new adventures and good food (because it’s payday. Haha!). This time, the roads lead them (or actually, us) to the Cebu Parklane International Hotel along Escario Street. Of course, we went straight to the buffet restaurant to stuff our faces. Dinner buffet is at Php595 / head. And this is exclusive of drinks and service charge.

Inside the restaurant

Round 1! Pa cute-cute ug kaon.

Love the penne!

The spaghetti wasn’t too bad, either!

End of round 1. Hahahaha.

Walked around for a bit to make some space for more food. Haha. Here’s what the dining area looks like.

To eat sweets or not to eat sweets. This little girl seems to be comtemplating.

Lizard bread. Looks too cute to eat, though.

The sushi corner. One of the stations that will never get my attention. Haha.

They’re advertising the Manny vs. Barrera fight. Who do you think will win?

The desserts are calling!

Ok, so actually, we still returned for rounds 3 and 4 but I forgot to take photos because we were all busy. Hehe. Let’s just skip to when we left the restaurant.

Istatuwa sa lobby

This nice artwork with all of Cebu’s icons is just gorgeous!


Lingkod2x gamay. hehehe

Fourth level pool area.

Basil’s dining area

Angle2x shot ni Line. Hehe



 Day shots.

Thanks to SLEMARKEN (Slerz, Markii, Kentaro) and PINOYmeat of SSC Cebu for these awesome photos.

Now don’t be surprised if their shots are really gorgeous coz these guys are professionals.

The Parklace Cebu from Cebu Business Park

The pool area.


View of the Pag-ibig tower, FGU building and the Cebu Business Tower

The flyover

Cebu Business Park

View of Ayala Center Cebu

9 thoughts on “Our First Time at The Cebu Parklane International Hotel

  1. That restaurant has a nice touch of fine dining. Not to mention it’s cheaper than Uno at the Waterfront Hotel. This will be on my check-it-out list on my next vacation.

  2. Gorgeous! You can actually dress down in this classy restaurant?I will love it! The food makes me drool especially the desserts! I like the beautiful bluidings too! Well done!

  3. Hi Leyland,
    Wow grabe na gyod kanindot ang Building dinha hasta sad ang mga Tower’s
    Parang Abroad na, Nindota na gyod Ug ang Mga VIEW sad dinha sa Cebu Business Park
    wala pa aku maka suroy suroy dinha ,
    Job well done ! GO! GO! GO! MABUHAY CEBU!


  4. ang katong painting, dili ba to Battle of Mactan ilang gi portray didto? ok pod diay nang lugara na, must see diay na puhon inig uli karong December / January. . ..

  5. Daghang salamat sa photos. This should be linked to the hotel’s website. The hotel looks great and as I heard, is pretty new. This helps a lot as we are planning to book rooms in this hotel in July. Sayang that you don’t have photos of the rooms. But this is still alright!

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