Mensahe Para Sa Mga Sugbuanon


Wow! This is so totally cool!

Here is an inspirational message from the Cebu City government lead by Mayor Tomas Osmeña. It encourages all Cebuanos to act and do something to make things work and happen.

Totally cool animation too! Bravo!


thanks to bigfootent for sharing

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  1. what an inspiring message, indeed!! it takes two to tango. let us do our part to help build a more better Cebu-send in your hard earned ‘green’ buck or put up small-business scale project. now, is not too late.

  2. Wooo – very inspiring thoughts indeed – I will have to watch it again soon – community collaboration and partnerships promotes progress!

    I feel so good and hopeful –

    Pit Senyor!

    Thanks, Ley!

  3. Sometimes, I get jaded when I sense nothing more than empty rhetoric coming out of a politician’s mouth – but I don’t feel that way with this. I actually like it. If it inspires just one wayward person to be productive in society, I think it makes it all worth the effort to produce the video. Gipasalida ni sa tv diha, Ley? I wonder what sort of medium the city government is using to spread these exhortations.

  4. thanks for the comments. i hope you can email the link to your friends, cebuanos and non-cebuanos alike. the message is universal, actually. … just so happened our mayor believes it so much he tells it to everybody new in city hall whenever he has the chance. he finally decided to put it in video form so we can just show it using a projector during presentations. was actually surprised it appeared in youtube. anyways, allow me to extend out deepest gratitude of bigfoot for painstakingly producing the video.

    youtube link is

    please comment there, too, and i hope you can email the link to your friends.

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