Cebu Highlands Update


Here is an update of what’s happening in the highlands of Cebu City. That white part right there is the ongoing development of Landco’s Monterazzas de Cebu – often referred to in press releases as Cebu’s [and the country’s?] most prestigious mountain community. Once completed, the estate will most likely house Cebu’s biggest names as well as highrollers from different parts of the globe.

Here are some shots of the project from the Celestial Gardens in Banawa.



13 thoughts on “Cebu Highlands Update

  1. . . more breathtaking and fantastic scenery. . are these highlands part of Banawa or Lahug? have difficulty remembering what Cebu looked like when I left and how it looked like now. All I could remember of Banawa 30 yrs back was that Mugrazu Pharma Company, I do not think if it still exists today-they used to manufacture mugrazu products, like soap, etc.

  2. Ahh, more denuded hillsides. I hope they replant the felled trees and/or build strong retaining walls. I’d hate for their multimillion -dollar home to be washed away in a landslide.

  3. takdo= i agree w/ you ..more denuded hill for the sake of richer people…i hope the construction will be enviroment friendly..

  4. Kuyaw sa landslide magbalay diha.
    On our way to Sibonga last January, i saw houses on the hills. Not quite sure maybe Talisay or Banawa that place. Two weeks of rain, im sure their houses will washed away by landslide.

  5. My sisters & I went to check on our mom’s lot in Talamban, I saw some mountains nga napahak na. On the way to Carcar, upon passing through SRP, I could see the new developments on the mountains, what a sight!

  6. Actually, I hope rea estate developers will cease, or at least minimize, developments that strip the mountains away. Cebu’s forest cover is now only 10% of its former glory. We may not feel the effects right now, but who knows? we might experience a devastating landslide. Or maybe a decrease in groundwater levels (due to denuded watersheds).

    Developments like these cannot be avoided, especially in a growing economy. But as the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsiblity.” Developers should at least replant great trees in other denuded areas or give thier wholehearted support to DENR’s projects regarding forest restoration.

    The houses in these high-class communities may enjoy Cebu’s spectacular vista. However, Cebu’s true beauty will shine if we can integrate developments like this and the conservation of its natural surroundings.

  7. The back portion of Monterazzas de Cebu is actually the Cebu Protected Landscape..

    That portion being developed is only a very small portion compared to the size of the protected landscape/national park..

  8. Way back in 1992 some of the deep wells of metropolitan cebu water district were condemned due to salt water seepage due to fresh water scarcity. Stripping the hills of Cebu City further of trees will aggravate the situation.

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