Good Shepherd in Banawa: God’s Garden


 Before you all pack your bags and leave town for the Holy Week, check out the Celestial Gardens in Banawa. Just to let you guys know what to expect – in case you plan to do your Stations of the Cross there.

The Celestial Gardens is owned and operated by the Tanchan Foundation, Inc. Although the property is mainly a private cemetery, it is better known for its very grand ‘Stations of the Cross’. Each year, thousands of people visit the Celestial Gardens during the Holy Week.

The gates.

One of the figures on top of the arch.

Owned by Tanchan Foundation, Inc.

Satchmo visits the Celestial Gardens.

First station – Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Road leading to the last four stations [if you plan to skip stations. Hehehe]

One of the stations.

View of the cemetery.

Two more stations.

A station on top of a hill.

A couple doing the ‘Stations of the Cross’.

Burial chamber of a Tanchan patriarch.

Road towards Stations 12, 13, and 14.

A station with cows. Hehehe.

Station 12.

Jesus on the cross.

Station 13.

Closer look.

Station 14.

Closer look.


Here are some shots of Cebu City. Nice view!

  Fuente Osmeña area.

Colon area.

SRP viaduct.

Kawit point.

Capitol/Lahug area.


Some shots of the people who visit the Gardens to relax and have fun.

Boy and his kite.

A family about to ‘lugsong’.

Very nice view.

Sitting on the horseman’s helmet.



One more time!


26 thoughts on “Good Shepherd in Banawa: God’s Garden

  1. another great shots from the prof LAWGRAPHER. . what’s the expanse on this truly amazing GODS Garden, Ley?? I never heard of this before and when was this garden been built?

  2. I’ve been to this place once during Holy Week. There were so many people. Beautiful area, beautiful shots. The views are well worth the trek up the steep hillsides. Duna na bay jeep nga motungas didto, Ley? Sa-una, kinahanglan gyud motungas kung mo-adto didto.

  3. my family like to go on hiking there. it’s a great spot to have a picnic thgere w/nice view of cebu city. maglakaw ra gud sila padong didto kay duol ra man amo balay.

  4. @sir tikboy – Lawgrapher man gyud!?! ahahahaha. Dako2x pud ni siya nga property sir. Dako2x pud kag penetensya kung mag-aim kag abot sa last station. hehehe.

    @sir takdol – walay allowed to jeep didto sir. I mean, walay routa paingon didto. pero naa daghan habal2x sa ubos.

    @mam jenny – bitaw. taga banawa man diay ka sa? hehehehe. i don’t know that kid. pero willing siya picturan. hehehe.

  5. Penitensya jud diay motongas didto.
    So its a both of cemetry and calvary. Maybe not spooky w/ so many people going up there.

    Hi Satch, i love your blue eyes. When you gonna start your tour?

    I can’t view some of the photo’s Ley, sayang.

  6. nindot lagi diri Banawa no….
    ako rang mother ug ubang igsoon ra nakaanha diha, pero ako wala pa.
    siguro tungod sa dali man ko kuyapan mao dili ko dad-on diha…
    sayang…nindot man diay place diri.

  7. gimingaw nakos banawa. especially sa celestial garden. bata pami nga gadagan dagan sa celestial everrytime nga mag-ulan. dugay na jud nga panahon nga wala nako nakabalik s abanawa tungod sa akong work. will go there this may 2008 and once again enjoy view.

  8. hey, taga Cebu ko pero,sabagay taga south kasi asa gani ng Celestial Gardens? ipuno nako sa akong lists kung asa me musuroy pagbakasyon namo diha?

  9. sa Banawa na siya, naog ka sa eskina (naa tuy Shell Gasoline Station sauna) mga pila lang ka meters from Guadalupe – Englis – Banawa junction then either maglakaw ka or sakay ka habal habal (naa ba ni?) padulong didto sa gardens. . .

  10. we used to go there every holy week w/ my family sa diha pa ko sa cebu. karon, sila nlng ako mga sis. pwd sd mag taxi moadto didto pero dili jud moabot sa my entrance. kinahanglan ready jud ka magpenetensya ky lagyo-lagyo baya ang distansya from each station.
    it’s for free during holy wk,i just don’t know on ordinary days.

  11. hi.. i love your bog.. please i need info on how to get there, i’ll be coming from cebu marriott hotel in ayala center, cebu. pls help.. thanks!

  12. Ley, we were there yesterday to do a prenup photography / e-session pero gibadlong mi kay “not allowed” kuno ang photoshoot didto. Paskang lawgawa lagi. Akong clients were very ready, nag andam jud sila ug mga props para sa shoot only to be told nga dili diay pwede didto. Although we were able to take a few shots sa gate, mas maayo jud unta to naka abot mi sa menteryo na part.

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