Bahug-Bahug, Lapuk-Lapuk: My First Kadaugan sa Mactan

Bahug-Bahug Sa Mactan is an annual event in Mactan which celebrates the first known insurgence against foreign rule in Philippine history. Bahug-Bahug tells of Datu Lapu-Lapu of Mactan’s courageous resistance against the conquestadores who wished to claim his island for Spain. The leader of the conquestadores, – who, strangely, was named ‘The first man to circumnaviate the globe’ although only his men journeyed back home – was Magellan. After landing in Cebu and befriending the Chieftain Humabon, Magellan decided to try his luck and cross the channel. At that time, Lapu-Lapu and Humabon were not in good terms. So, Magellan planned an elaborate attack to defeat Lapu-Lapu and get Humabon’s complete trust.

But lo and behold, Lapu-Lapu eagerly engaged him in hand-to-hand combat. After the short battle, only Lapu-Lapu remained standing. Magellan’s lifeless body floated in the rising tide as the victors danced the Dance of Victory.

Bahug-Bahug 2008 is considered one of the most controversial Bahug-Bahugs in history. Why you ask? Well, GMA 7’s Dennis Trillo of Zaido fame plays Magellan. And international boxing champ Manny Pacman Pacquiao plays Lapu-Lapu. Of course, Jinky, Pacman’s wife, plays Princessa Bulakna, Lapu-Lapu’s wife.

Philippines’ first hero – Datu Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu’s court – Pacman as Lapu-Lapu and Jinky as Princessa Bulakna

The dailies indicated that the re-enactment would start at 9. When we got there at 7:30, the road was already closed and we all had to walk to get to the shrine.

But the short trek was fun because there were a lot of things to see. Like this guy. Hehehehe.

These guys were making litson-manok.

Lapu-lapu!!! Hahahahaha.

The mangrove forest in front of the shrine.

Low tide pa at around 8:00 am.

Statue of THE MAN and the Mactan Shrine marker

Flag-raising and National Anthem

The set and the Hilton Hotel towers

House on stilts

While waiting for the show to begin, a tanod suddenly did THIS. He got a ‘boo’ from the audience. But he just laughed. Toink.

As expected and as usual, this year’s Bahug-Bahug was a ‘private presentation’ for the moneyed and the powerful. LOL. Here are some of them enjoying the show on a stage with comfortable seats.  Hahahaha.

The real things happen here. Far beyond the police lines, steel fences, and tanods. Those who wish to watch the presentation had to do THIS! hahahahaha. Are your slippers strong enough?

My feet. LOL.

According to the head of the security team, he will personally deal with anyone who goes beyond that line. Hmmm. (He’s not in the picture ha. LOL.)

More guests

This kid decided to do this. Just to catch a glimpse of Pakyaw, perhaps? Hahahaha.

Just keep walking.

Mango and water vendors

This group is huddled on a platform around a hundred meters from the stage. I’m not sure if they saw a single thing. Hahahaha.

Girls: Where’s Dennis Trillo? LOL

I hope you still have your slippers. Very freaky lapuk. It looked and smelled really dirty.

Positions! We will start in five minutes.


But it started 30 minutes later. LOL. The water was so low for the show to begin.

When the show started, the people forgot about the lapuk – especially when Pacman and Jinky got on stage.

Pacman and his men.

Princessa Bulakna

Dennis Trillo and his men. This one’s on 10X zoom. LOL

The houses on stilts are burning!

The battle that started it all!

The people were like watching a boxing match. Everyone was cheering for Pacman!

Zaido falls!!! The kids beside me frowned but the big guys cheered. LOL

Lapu-lapu’s men dragging the dead conquestadores.

Magellan is dead.

After the show, the water was already knee-deep.


Everyone left quickly after the show. It was getting really, really hot. Hahaha. They waited for hours for a ten-minute show. LOL

Everyone was wet, too. LOL.

Some kids decided to go swimming.

Put your shoes back on.

It’s over. LOL.



Have you been to Kadaugan sa Mactan? What do you think of this event? Let us know in the comments below!

21 thoughts on “Bahug-Bahug, Lapuk-Lapuk: My First Kadaugan sa Mactan

  1. kalooy sa akong lolo magellan, i like the title ley,
    bahug2 lapuk2 tinuod jud diay, hahaha

    kanindot ba ani nga show, never heard of this before.
    nice costume pa jud.

    my son alex like the picture w/ the kids swimming. he said its a massive ship. he just wondering what the sticks in the little boat for. i tell him its for balancing the boat. dre ang canoe wala may katig, maong nahibulong sya.

    wow!!! sutukil, kalame ba ana oi!
    daghang salamat ley,

  2. What a colorful event! I’ve been there & to Sutukil & posed for a pic in front of that shellcraft store. Ah, memories, memories…
    Well done, Ley.

  3. SUgba – TUwa – KIlaw . . . mao dyud ning highlights diha sa Mactan, puno siguro kaayo ang “No Problem” (sikat na kan anan) pagkahuman sa bahug bahug sa mactan . . . 🙂

  4. Sir Ley, mura pud mi nakaadto sa “Kadaugan sa Mactan” sa imong mga pics. Kalayo sa inyong gilakaw no? Kanang 4th image ba, ingon ana ang sundalo sa karaang panahon? LOL. Sige na lang oi, pasayloon nato. Pasaway po ning tanod da.

    Sir Ley, matod pa sa mga reporters dugay daw kunuhay namatay si Magelllan. Kay bisan natumba na , mobangon pa man. Nabalo kuno’g “tigbas” si Lapu-Lapu. Hehehe. Ambot lang sab kaha pero naa daw misulti kang Dennis Trillo nga “wag ka nang bumangon”.

    Lain pay ato sir Ley, nakakita ka sa hulaway ni Mayor Radaza ug Pelaez? Si Radaza daw ang Lapu-Lapu, unya si Pelaez, maoy Magellan.

    Lingaw, kapoy, kataw-anan, kulbahinam. Pero sa kinatibuk-an maayo gidayeg ang maong pasundayag. Mabuhi ang mga Sugbuhanon!

  5. Well done Ley!! Thanks for sharing the whole event to all of us na layo kaayo sa atoa to witness this thing. Plus your personal comments/insights and unexpected photos really bring the entire picture together…

    Nindut, kataw-anan, lingaw…

    @ sutukil, kalami sa isda!

  6. One of my major disappointments was having to come back to the US before the “Battle of Mactan” this year. Thanks for bringing us along Leylander. Pacman and Jinky certainly looked “regal”. It was a big thing for him to come. I’m sure everyone appreciated watching a real Filipino Warrior defeat Magellan.

  7. Daug Dyud!!!!!…..hahaha!!…c MoraLes man ta to ang Magellan pro Busy man kay naa Schedule nga appointment..Ok ra to kuno to cya!!…wahehehe

  8. he he he , kalingaw sad ani imo pictures Ley, maora man sad ug naa ko didto. thanks for going there and shared the pictures for all of us to see and appreciate.

    you are the best!!!!!

  9. sayanga oi.. wla ko picture2x ko dennis trillo.. maau nlng naka picture jd tawn ko ni pacman.. grabeha kadaghan tao.. 6am pako did2.. occupied naman.. huhuhu. sa dagat nlng tawn ko napunta…

  10. hehhee.. murag pareha2x ra mn ta og na pwestohan bro.. katawa bitaw ko sa tanod.. tabang pa gani ko syagit og boo ato.. hehehe papansin pd cya.. sa atubangan jd nangihi…

  11. Thanks Leylander. Through your fotos I am able to attend the celebration of Lapu Lapu’s great victory. And I didn’t have to walk through mud or have to wait hours for the 10 minute show. LOL

    Tell me this though. Did Pac-Man shout out to Magellan “Not in my house!”? Hahahaha

  12. nalingaw ko nagtan-aw sa mga hulagway. wala ko kapugong sa akong katawa pagkakita nako sa tiil ni ley. i’m sure i would have enjoyed the experience if i were there. thanks for the photos ley!

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