Once In a Lifetime

Okay, some of you might think that I’m exaggerating but that’s exactly how I felt when I finally experienced Mactan Island’s Plantation Bay Resort and Spa last week. The experience was totally once in a lifetime! Ok, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Sorry.

So, yeah. A few weeks back, everyone at work, me most especially, got the shock of our lives when we learned that for teambuilding this year, we were going to Plantation Bay. See, I work in a not so big company and the ‘biggest’ venue that we’ve been to as a group was Tambuli. Now, don’t get me wrong, Tambuli is ok. But it’s not, you know, 5-star. Hehe. And last year, due to some financial issues, we had our ‘outing’ on the rooftop of our building. Haha.

So imagine our excitement when we all read the memo announcing that yes, it was true. We were going to spend a day at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. I know you guys have probably been there – maybe more than once – and you think it’s not a big deal. But for folks like me, THE Plantation Bay is a huge deal. ย Haha. So, yep. Let’s skip all that talk and on with the photos!

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is just marvelous!

The lounge. This is also where the reception area is situated.

After registration, we went straight to the beach. Their natural beach front wasn’t too impressive but it was nice.

Looks decent.

Beach chairs!

The resort compound is so huge. It’s like one little town where everything is dangerously expensive. Haha. This little street here features a cafe and a kids play room.

Look! Lechon!

They also have a small golf course.

This part is a little more exclusive. It has its own fresh water pool right in the middle.

Tennis/badminton/volleyball courts. Nice.

Since the compound is huge, most guests use bikes. Sounds cool.

Kayaks! I tried kayaking for the first time and I couldn’t feel my shoulders the next day. Haha.

Freshwater spring.

Our complimentary washroom. Nice.

I grabbed the opportunity to check out the room. The room looks really nice.


Don’t touch anything!ย Haha.

The beds. Nice.

The porch/veranda looks really cool, too. Love the wooden chairs.

Look! TV sets in the hallway. Other hotels don’t even have TV sets. Haha.

This is the fresh-water pool. And right beside it is the restaurant. Proper swimming attire is required here.

The fresh-water pool is perfect for young kids. The deepest part is only at four feet.

Map of the resort. Those saltwater swimming lagoons are so huge.

The swimming lagoons. Wow.


Now imagine waking up to this. Gorgeous.

Saltwater pools in your backyard. Not bad at all.

Man-made beach in the lagoon.

Gorgeous. Plenty of spots for photo shoots. Haha.

I bet this part looks really lovely at night.

A volleyball ‘court’ in one of the lagoons.

Uhm, yeah. Yellow leaf. Haha.

This specific lagoon is quiet shallow. Perfect for kids.

Crosswalk to the other saltwater lagoon.

Houses on stilts. But very very nice.


Imagine enjoying your afternoon fruit shake on that porch.

The lagoon. Doesn’t that look pretty?


It’s like having your very own private beach.

Clear blue water.

You step out and it’s the sea. Nice!

Love the concept. I wonder how they added saltwater into these pools. Amazing work.

Guests enjoying their beer at the back of their hotel room.

Foreign kid diving into the lagoon.

Those hammocks. Enough said.

One happy visitor. Haha.

It’s one more item off my Cebu Bucket List. Now, if only I can check out Shangri-la, Movenpick, Radisson, and Crimson as well, that would be swell. Haha. But, hey. This is more than enough for now. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to visit Plantation Bay again in the future because the place is just seriously expensive. (I’m ready to include this resort to my Once in a Lifetime list. Haha.) But at least, I can now proudly say that I’ve already been there.

By the way, Day Rate starts at 2000 per head. The package includes one plated lunch, use of freshwater pool and saltwater lagoons, and use of kayak for 15 minutes, bike for 30 minutes, and shower rooms. The place is great especially if you’re with your family and loved ones. But, you know, Vaรฑo beach is just a stone’s throw away. My and family will probably go there next week. Hahaha.

If you plan to stay for a night, please contact the hotel directly. I’m not sure how much you’re gonna have to shell out. But I know it’s gonna be huge. Hehe.

Check out Plantation Bay now.

22 thoughts on “Once In a Lifetime

  1. wow, murag lisod man makasulod dinhi… kinahanglan daghan sulod imo bulsa… truly, once in a lifetime experience gyud… very nice blog ley… beautiful photographs…

  2. This is one of the best place in Mactan,Cebu, My kids stayed there the last time they took a vacation in P.I…. Were going to do the same thing when we get there as a local resident, Para mura ang bayad hehehe..beautiful resort ,.Again bai ,thanks much for sharing your pics….

  3. ganda nga! mahal nga lang ๐Ÿ˜€ try ko nga sana jan mag stay pagpunta kaso mahal at di na available yun pinakamura nilang room pagpunta ko ng august. btw yun marco polo plaza ba eh accessible naman sa mga tourist spot or malapit sa city? baka dun ako makakuha ng room dahil may discount offer sila. salamat.

  4. Plantation Bay Hotels is committed to affordable luxury. Our goal is to ensure that every guest leaves our hotels with a smile. Whether itโ€™s a safe, clean and comfortable room or a friendly smile and helpful information from our knowledgeable and caring staff, weโ€™ll provide our guests with everything they need for a pleasant and relaxing stay.

  5. I love the room with the pool on the door step, its cool. Been there 2008 only for picture2 riding the kalesa. Yeah its really a huge place. They had that rock climbing too. Buslot pod bulsa nato 2K ea /day. Cheers to you Ley for this amazing day out.

  6. been there! one of the resorts that i would love to visit again. mas makabuslot ug bulsa ang Shangri-la haha ang naka nindot ug advantage sa Plantation kay dili gyud ma crowded ang pool ba maskin daghan na tao compare sa lain resorts ๐Ÿ˜€

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