Visiting the Birhen sa Regla’s Home in Mactan

One of the most famous churches in Cebu is the church of the Our Lady of the Rule (Birhen Sa Regla.) The church, which sits at the heart of the city, is surrounded by a school, a wet market, a port, shopping strips, parks and other important structures.

The church is often visited for the miraculous image of the Birhen sa Regla. In fact, each year, during the fiesta, the entire island becomes one big carnival as people flock to Lapu-Lapu City to honor the Birhen.

The church of the Our Lady of the Rule in Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan.

Here is a shot of the church interior. In the photo, people are preparing for the start of the baccalaureate mass for graduating high school students.

The graduates are ready to march. Yes, March is graduation month all over the country!

A statue of Jesus Christ standing on a big boulder can be seen just outside the church doors.

The church’s candle-lighting area is situated outside the main church halls. Each candle costs only 1 peso.

Catholics light candles when praying for petitions and giving thanks.

The image of the Our Lady of the Rule can be seen at the end of the candle-lighting area. People queue up to be able to kiss and pay homage to the image.

Outside the church gates, vendors are getting ready for tomorrow’s big celebration. It’s Palm Sunday in the Philippines!

Candle vendors willingly posing for the camera.

6 thoughts on “Visiting the Birhen sa Regla’s Home in Mactan

  1. wala lagi ka nag-picture sa Birhen didto sa taas dhong? usa ni sa among gi-bisita iglesia before sa among board exam adtong una, manghinaut nga tabanga ug ampo para makapasar. kalooy sa Diyos gidungog man pod. mao na nga very close to my heart gyud ning Birhen sa Regla, among others like Mother of Perpetual Help sa Redemptorist, Carmelite, of course Sto Nino, Birhen sa Guadalupe.

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