In Photos: Lapu-Lapu City’s Muelle Osmeña

I remember getting on a ferry to get to the Our Lady of the Rule Birhen Sa Regla Parish in Lapu-lapu City as a child. However, until today, I never really remembered where these ferries pick passengers up and where they dock. Good thing my good friend Gian, a native of Lapu-lapu City, agreed to tour me around his lovely city.

I learned that from Pier 3, passengers are taken to the Muelle Osmeña, which is basically at the steps of the Parish church.

Lapu-Lapu City’s Muelle Osmeña

The muelle as seen from the steps leading to the parish church.

As we went up the stairs, Gian recounted how he and his classmates would skip afternoon classes in high school to hang out at the top of the muelle.


A ferry has just arrived from Cebu City!

View of Lapu-Lapu City’s busy port area.

The church of Opon houses the image of the Birhen Sa Regla.

Passengers disembarking from the boat.

Tickets are sold at Php10.00 each.

Passengers walking towards the waiting jeepneys just outside the church.

Welcome to Lapu-Lapu City!

Orange Juice in different flavors. What? Haha.

 More Photos of Lapu-Lapu City’s Muelle Osmena:



17 thoughts on “In Photos: Lapu-Lapu City’s Muelle Osmeña

  1. I am so excited every time I log on to your blog leylander. Ako na kining na save sa akong favorites hahahhaa. Impressive kaayo. Nanglimbawot kining akong mga balahibo kay it brings back memories. Thank you kaayo and I am looking forward for more pictures.-COCO

  2. Wow! I was born in Cebu, grew up there for some years and visited Cebu numerous amount of time. Of all this time I never ever heard of Muelle Osmeña. This is something I have got to check out! Hey Leylan, since I’ll be doing my yearly visit to Cebu in 2 months, would you mind touring us there? Hehehe.

  3. leylander..thanks for the tour in the good old cebu and the sorrounding area..although i’ve been gone for 38 yrs, i still reminisce the days i spent there..your blog is awesome!

  4. “Muelle” is a spanish word for dock, pier, or wharf. I think this is common in the Philippines where Spanish influence is evident. Another “Muelle” I know is the Muelle Leony which is the Receiving Pier of Ilo-ilo City in the Island of Panay. Actually, I haven’t have the slightest idea what a “muelle” was before when I heard about the Muelle Leony in Ilo-ilo when I was a Kid, I just thought People in Ilo-ilo/Panay were just “Looney/Loonies” (as in Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny), when we were docking from Bacolod. Heck no, Bacolod pier was even named Banago wharf (no “Looney” names), so I figured that they are just different. I only came to my senses when Cities with the most Spanish influence have these “looney”, er spanish names of important entry points.

  5. Hehe…as what I told Leylander, this simple pier has a special place in my heart.

    During grade school, my friends and I used to climb the very top of the marker, the area where there is a red light. We eat our lunch there and just admire the scenery.

    After lunch, we go down and try to be daredevils by crossing very narrow wooden gangplanks to the ships docked on the wharf. Although all of us knew how to swim, we were afraid that some monster living under the wharf might eat us. After all, it is really looks spooky under the wharf. Hehehe…

  6. dili nato malimtan nga ang berhin sa regla maoy atong dangpan panahon nga naa tay problema.. . pero mag pasalamat pud ta kanunay sa iyang pagtabang.

  7. The Muelle Osmena lighthouse used to be a historic place until some punks vandalized the structure.

    A few (actually more than a few) years ago, the Lapu-Lapu LGU decided to restore the lighthouse to its former glory. The project was headed by the mayor’s wife, I think. Oh yes, it was a very worthwhile project.

    But wait!

    The restoration was, well, stupid. Originally, it was made of coral stone. The proper restoration should have been replacing the coral stones that were vandalized. However, they painted the lighthouse white! I mean, they just splotched paint all over the structure. That’s why you see the lighthouse in the picture is immaculately white.

    This stupidity is also evident with the restoration of the Bantayan sa Hari in Mandaue under the old bridge. Instead of coral stone, they decided to replace everything with concrete blocks (or covered the entire thing with concrete). It looks like a grain silo. Hehehehe…

    1. Hi Cedie,

      There is no set schedule, really. From 6 a.m. to around 7 p.m., the ferry travels between Pier 3, Cebu City and Muelle Osmena, Lapu Lapu City. However, I think they extended it to 10 p.m. according to a sign in Pier 3.

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