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National Museum Cebu: Celebrating Cebu and its People

On August 1st, the National Museum of the Philippines finally opened a component museum in Cebu. Since the guys from the NMP are in charge, we can expect nothing but the best. I mean, have you been to the national museums in Manila? They’re amazing! Anyway, even before the museum opened, I was confident that it would turn out great. I mean, if we were to base it on how long it took them to renovate the building, then I guess it’s safe to say that they’ve prepared something lovely for Cebu.

And sure enough, they didn’t disappoint. Because what they gave us was nothing short of a masterpiece. The new National Museum Cebu is a fitting tribute to Cebu’s rich and colorful history and a celebration of its culture, traditions, heritage, and people.

So, are you ready to take a tour of the new NMP-Cebu museum? Let’s begin!

National Museum in Cebu

The National Museum in Cebu can be found inside the newly-renovated Aduana building (also previously the Malacanan sa Sugbo). After many months of repairs, the structure is now finally ready to house some of Cebu’s most important historical and cultural artifacts.

The use of the building has helped improve the look of the area. Previously, all you would see here are metal sheets that served as the perimeter fence of the unused structure. Now, we can see a green lawn and the ocean just a few meters away.

With the restoration also came the beautification of the surroundings. The building now looks super gorgeous.

Inside the National Museum in Cebu

Guests need to register upon entry. This means that they need to write down their name and address. Entrance is free of charge. Guests are not allowed to take videos inside the galleries. If you want to take photos, be use to turn off the flash.

The museum shop is located on the ground floor of the building. It can also be accessed when exiting the last gallery.

What I love about the museum is the fact that the curated items were very well-researched. Also, you can see how creative the team is with the way they set up the galleries. I also really loved the massive screen plastered at the top of the stairs.

On the second floor, more items can be seen on the display in the hall and foyer area.

The Galleries

The Philippine Center New York Core Collection of 1974

The first of the 5 galleries in the National Museum in Cebu is the Philippine Center New York Core Collection of 1974. This collection features some of the artworks of leading Filipino artists in the 1970s.

Aside from the paintings, there were also numerous thought-provoking sculptures.

I really loved how they used bright colors to differentiate each artist’s ‘booth’.

Ang Kamamugnaon ug Kinaadman ni Maestro Tinong

The next gallery is called the Ang Kamamugnaon ug Kinaadman ni Maestro Tinong. This gallery features the amazing pieces created by Cebuano artist Martino ‘Tinong’ Abellana.

I really love how spacious this gallery was. This allowed guests to observe the works up close and from far away.

Kinaiyahan: Cebu’s Natural Wonders

The next gallery is the Kinaiyahan: Cebu’s National Wonders. This gallery features Cebu’s geological treasures as well as its unique flora and fauna.

Ang Karaang Sugbo ug ang mga Kabiling Bahandi

The Ang Karaang Sugbo ug and mga Kabiling Bahandi features archeological finds that helped define the rich history and culture of Cebu. In this gallery, you can find the items found during the numerous archeological digs done in different parts of the islands.

Paglawig: Cultural Movement Across the Seas

Finally, the Paglawig: Cultural Movement Across the Seas gallery puts the spotlight on Cebu’s maritime history and industry.


The National Museum of the Philippines in Cebu is impressive, to be honest. It’s pretty evident that they put a lot of effort, soul, and energy into this project, and I am thankful. I’m just so glad that we finally have something like this here in Cebu.

Good job to everyone who made this possible! This is definitely every Cebuano would be truly proud of!

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