In Photos: Exploring Mactan Island in 3 Hours

The island of Mactan is a fairly small island. So, it is safe to say that it is definitely possible to get from one end to the other in just a matter of hours. And that’s exactly what we did!

Well, strictly speaking, it’s not the ENTIRE island. But most of the important spots were covered. And this wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of my good friend Gian. So, here are some of the amazing spots that we saw during our quick day tour. Enjoy!

 The City Hall of Lapu-Lapu

The road leading to the departure, arrival, and carpark area of the airport. Also seen in the photo is the Waterfront Mactan Hotel and Casino.

The entrance which leads guests to the Waterfront Mactan Hote and Casino.

The drop-off area for departing guests at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Across the street, one can see the facade of the Waterfront Mactan Hotel and Casino.

The Bigfoot Sound Stages and Studios in Mactan is one of the city’s biggest crowd-drawers.

Well-paved road which leads to the Shrine of Lapu-Lapu.


On our way to the shrine, we saw this nice house (which people say is owned by Mayor Radaza.)

The beautiful Hilton Hotel towers in Punta Engano.

A yacht docked at the Punta-Olango wharf.

Clean-up team cleaning the waters surrounding the big resort next door.

This boat, which is headed to Olango Island (Bird Sanctuary,) is waiting for more passengers.

Another road-side snack break. This time, we had Coke Sakto (Php6,) + Chippy (Php5,) and Moby (Php5.)

A natural reserve somewhere in Barangay Agus.

  More photos of Mactan Island:

Lapu-Lapu City Hall / MCIA


The Hilton towers / Satchmo!


14 thoughts on “In Photos: Exploring Mactan Island in 3 Hours

  1. i always thought kinsa tag-iya ato nga balay (radaza)… now i know. tenchu 2 ur blog. =)

    love ur blog. keep up the great work =)

  2. ikaw ha? maldito jod ka! imo rang gilipat ang mga airport police n centurion guards. hahaha! way klaro jod ning mga pulis ug guards oi , arang!!!!!!!! if terrorista paka, nah………… human ang among trabahoan if imo pang gibombahan ug gilabayan ug granada, tiwas jod ang mactan airport, hehehe! bitaw, y bukid sa mactan kay isla man na nyor!!! hekhekhek!! maypa uli nalang kos southern leyte, taga leyte ko leyland oi!

    1. during the day, you can try scuba-diving, swimming, snorkeling, etc…. you can check out the mactan/lapu-lapu shrine… you can go to olango for bird-watching… you can try the seafood restos…. island hopping….

      there are many bars in mactan which open at night. you can also visit the parks at night.

  3. or you can also try the fish sanctuary off the olango island too. i tried it and it was a lot of fun to swim with the different colors and species of the fish.

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