Moalboal Sunday: A Day at Bas Daku

Moalboal is a town situated 59 kilometers away from Cebu City. Moalboal boasts of world-famous dive sites and resorts. To get to Moalboal from Cebu City, one can take the VHIRE (Van for Hire,) the bus, or a mini bus.

When you reach Moalboal proper, you can either go to Bas Dako (literally big sand: characterized by pearly-white beaches) or Bas Diyot (literally small sand which has rocky beaches). Both beaches are wonderful for snorkeling and diving. For serious dive sessions, check out Pescador Islands. It’s only a few minutes off Moalboal.

Open cottages (with electricity) P300 down.

The cat that terrorized our food supply. LOL

T-shirts for sale


Sea-side restaurant

Open cottages (Php500 up)

Everyone is free to pitch their tents on the beach.

Boat rides…

The old Moalboal Church being torn down.


Danger Zone

Old Church main door (now a mini tiangge)

The new Moalboal Town Church being constructed just a few meters away.

Moalboal Municipal Hall

Basketball Court

Soccer Field

Old Church bell tower

Bell tower

V-Hires waiting for passengers

Have you been to Moalboal? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below!

16 thoughts on “Moalboal Sunday: A Day at Bas Daku

  1. been in moalboal ones with my offizmyts..aligre sd ng market nila ky dghan tao mn hehehe dghan sd foreigner dha sa moalboal..mmm another lair huh….

  2. AWESOME… Please leylander, go to Luyang Carmen. This friday 26, is the first night of novena. Fiesta is on February 4 and the 5th is the fluvial parade. Each street have different decoration and arch. And my street is Logarta St. If you can take photos and add to your blog. I love to see it. I owe you a millions kiss leylander, muah…….

  3. kuya leylander mangaligo ta diri sa moalboal bi nindot kaau…pls….kuya naa man ko karun sa Carcar…naa ko sa ako-a cousin….take care and bless you….

  4. When we came to Cebu on vacation mid-1960’s – early 1970’s – my Tio Dido Flores was the parish priest at Moalboal – we usually spent at least a week to 10 days at the convent there – went boating, swimming, played tennis and of course, spent a lot of time around the beaches just enjoying the peaceful ambience and magnificent views.

    Early in the morning, when my sister and I would hear the church bells ring, we would peak out our bedroom window to see who is at mass so early but then if we are caught by Tio Dido – he made us attend mass!

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