Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession 2019

Last January 10, 2019, the annual Walk with Jesus solemn dawn procession was held. The Walk with Jesus dawn procession is a yearly event that marks the official start of the Sinulog season in Cebu. Days prior to this event, the image of Senor Santo Nino de Cebu ‘visits’ various churches in the city as […]

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Walk with Jesus 2017: Unwavering Faith

Today, I woke up feeling a little worried. Of course, I’m excited because the Sinulog season is finally here. But at the same time, I am also anxious and bothered. News have been circulating about bomb threats and the Sinulog celebration being a possible target. Just the thought that horrible things COULD happen here in […]

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Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession 2016

Last January 7, 2016, the Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession officially kicked off the Sinulog season in Cebu. Held two Thursdays before the Sinulog Grand Parade, the procession is often referred to as a ‘penitential walk’ as it is held very early in the morning. The procession starts at exactly 4 am at the Fuente […]

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River of Lights

Every year (every second Thursday of January,) the Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession is held in Cebu City. The Walk with Jesus Dawn procession marks the start of the Sinulog Season in the province. Hundreds of thousands join this annual penitential walk which begins at 4 am in Fuente Osmeña and ends with the first […]

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One Cold Morning in Cebu

So I got up early today. Like real early. I wasn’t in Cebu around this time last year so I thought that this year, I’d try to cover as many Sinulog-related events as I can. So, yeah. I got up at 3:30 am. I only had about two hours of sleep.  And it was drizzling. […]

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Dawn Procession

As expected, the Walk with Jesus dawn procession was very well-attended. Despite the (too) early assembly time of 4:00 am, I think at least a million people joined the procession which started at the Fuente area and ended at the Basilica. The Walk with Jesus dawn procession officially starts the novenario and practically the Sinulog […]

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Sinulog 08 Update 1

  Dawn Procession: Walk With Jesus   The very well-attended Walk With Jesus procession and the equally very well-attended 1st Novena Mass at the Basilica this morning. Awesome shots from SLEMARKEN [slerz, markii, kentaro]. PLEASE DO NOT COPY THEIR PHOTOS WITHOUT PERMISSION! Another great work from these award-winning photographers. Truly moving.

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