Dawn Procession

As expected, the Walk with Jesus dawn procession was very well-attended. Despite the (too) early assembly time of 4:00 am, I think at least a million people joined the procession which started at the Fuente area and ended at the Basilica. The Walk with Jesus dawn procession officially starts the novenario and practically the Sinulog season. Immediately after the procession, the first novena mass for this year’s fiesta followed.

Here are some of my shots of the procession held just a few hours ago. Hope you like ’em!


Viva! Pit Senyor!

Assembly: 4:15 am

Everyone’s here! 🙂

The left side of the street is still asleep. The other side, on the other hand, is stuffed with people.

The carrozza is now in place.

A prayer signals the start of the procession.

Photographers doing their stuff.

Look at that crowd!

The carro of the Niño.

The carro was surrounded by Agustinian priests.

And look at the crowd that followed.

Sea of light. Literally.

Slowly moving towards the Basilica in a very orderly manner.

The Niño.

The carro was beautiful.

Pit Senyor!

Pit Senyor, mga Sugbuanon!