Buwakan ni Alejandra: Balamban’s Newest Gem

After the Sirao Celosia Farms broke the local internet last year (which resulted to the farm being a new tourist attraction,) more and more highlands residents are looking for interesting ways to cash in on the trend. In fact, in the town of Balamban, just several minutes away, you will see that viewing decks, lifestyle […]

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Joining the #CelosiaSelfie Craze

So, today, I did something ‘different.’ I got a half-day leave from work and drove all the way to the highland barangay of Sirao. If you’re thinking that I wasted 4 precious office hours to accomplish something monumental like joining a feeding program or planting trees in the Butuanon Watershed, then you’re wrong. I travelled a total […]

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Weekend Farmers’ Market at the SRP

If you’ve passed by the South Road Properties (SRP) over the weekend, there’s a big chance that you’ve seen a small road-side fair at the Mambaling Access Road (before you reach the bridge to SRP.) What you saw is the SRP Farmers’ Market. (Although the fair is not really inside the SRP) Now what exactly is […]

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Mangasang Falls: Tagbao’s Beautiful Secret

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Marven told me about a waterfall near his home that he wanted to check out. See, he lives in Barangay Guba in the highlands. If you’re wondering where Guba is, it is located next to Barangay Sirao (where the famous Ayala Heights is located.) Anyways, long story short, […]

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The Best Place To Study

If you’re looking for a place to study, there are hundreds of study areas in the city. But if you want something more exciting, refreshing, and out of the ordinary, try studying at the Mountain View Park. Yup, you heard it right. The place is perfect if you’re trying to finish the last three thousand […]

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Tarzan’s Garden

  Mountain View Nature Park Series IV: Tarzan’s Garden   This part of the park is sort of a small tribute to Tarzan and his wonderful world. The creatures you find in this park are the characters you can find in the Disney animated feature.   A very cute couple. hehehe

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The Christmas Park

Mountain View Nature Park Series III: Christmas Park   Aside from a Children’s Park and a Mini Nayong Pilipino, Mountain View Nature Park also has a Christmas Park.   Santa Claus and his ball! Standing 24 hours. lol

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Main View Deck

  Mountain View Nature Park Series II: Main View Deck   At the peak of the park is the Main View Deck where the city looks very spectacular – especially at night. People who visit Mountain View usually start here and hike down towards the other ‘sub parks’ to take photos or just find a […]

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Mini Nayong Pilipino

  Mountain View Nature Park Series I: Mini Nayong Pilipino  I was so excited to take photos using the camera so I raced towards Mountain View Nature Park as soon as I got out of the office. When I started shooting, however, I learned that the battery’s running really low and the camera would surely […]

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