Buwakan ni Alejandra: Balamban’s Newest Gem


After the Sirao Celosia Farms broke the local internet last year (which resulted to the farm being a new tourist attraction,) more and more highlands residents are looking for interesting ways to cash in on the trend. In fact, in the town of Balamban, just several minutes away, you will see that viewing decks, lifestyle and fitness facilities, restaurants, and various establishments have now popped up along the TransCentral Highway.

One of these facilities is the Buwakan ni Alejandra Flower Farm. Check out my photos from my recent visit with friends and see why people are calling it the next big thing.

Buwakan ni Alejandra or literally ‘Alejandra’s Flower Farm,’ is a 700 square meter property which houses a wide variety of local and imported plants. The property, which remained idle for years, was transformed recently and has become another addition to Cebu’s continually-growing list of tourist spots.

While the garden doesn’t make sense from this angle, the farm does look spectacular from the top.

Buwakan ni Alejandra was named after Alejandra, the owner of the property. Although Alejandra wasn’t able to see the transformation herself, her children, who now own the 70 sqm lot, decided to name it after her.

Buwakan ni Alejandra is basically one big flower garden. And I would like to apologize because my photos don’t do justice to its real beauty. But if you’re a nature-lover like me, you will see how gorgeous the place is even with my photos. Hehe.

The garden houses hundreds of different species of flowering and ornamental plants – some of them I have never ever seen before.

Entrance fee to the garden is PhP50. You have to pay cash at the gate in order to get a ticket. You don’t have to pay for parking (along the road,) but a dude will be ‘looking after’ your vehicles and you can give you pretty much any amount you wanna give.

Now, the ‘entrance fee’ comes with a short guided tour handled by some very polite and friendly local kids. I’m pretty sure these kids are relatives (possibly even children) of the owners. It’s pretty cool to see how they entertain the visitors.

If you want to know the name of a certain plant, just ask them and they’d be more than willing to give you the answer. I did ask for the name of the following plants. But, you know, I totally forgot. Haha!

From white to pink. How pretty!

Ok, I know that this one is a gumamela. 🙂

Now, after taking tons of photos of the place, it was finally time for, wait for it…


And selfies, of course! Haha.

Have you been to Buwakan ni Alejandra? What do you think of this new destination in Balamban?

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