Weekend Farmers’ Market at the SRP


If you’ve passed by the South Road Properties (SRP) over the weekend, there’s a big chance that you’ve seen a small road-side fair at the Mambaling Access Road (before you reach the bridge to SRP.) What you saw is the SRP Farmers’ Market. (Although the fair is not really inside the SRP)

Now what exactly is a farmers’ market? A farmers’ market is a type of market where farmers sell their products directly to buyers or consumers. Since there are no middlemen at farmers’ markets, prices are generally lower and farmers get to earn a little more than usual. Which is always good. 😀

The vegetables sold at the farmers’ market all come from the province and the city’s mountain barangays.

The farmers’ market at the SRP is open on Fridays (5 pm up,) Saturdays and Sundays (6 am to early evening.)

Fresh mangoes and avocados from Barangay Sudlon sold at only Php 15 per kilo.

Prices are several pesos cheaper at the farmers’ market.

The weekend farmers’ market at the South Road Properties is now on its 6th week.

More photos from this week’s farmer’s market.


While shopping for veggies, you also get to enjoy this wonderful view. 😀

Don’t forget to check out the South Road Veggies Farmers’ Market at the SRP!

Friday (5 pm up)
Saturday (6 am to early evening)
Sunday (6 am to early evening)

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