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Tulang Diot: Beautiful Summer Destination in Camotes, Cebu

The trip to the well-loved Tulang Diot from the town of Poro is all a blur to me now. All I remember was the long jeepney ride through nice houses and small roads and seeing beautiful greens on both sides of the vehicle. To be honest, if someone were to take me to Camotes right now, I wouldn’t be able to point that person in the right direction even if my life depended on it.

It’s a good thing our hosts knew their way around. So, getting there was not a problem. In fact, I slept on the jeep on our way to San Francisco just so I wouldn’t feel dizzy and weird (knowing that we would be taking a boat to the island.)

Anyway, the Island of Tulang(divided into Diot and Dako) is located in Barangay Esperanza in the town of San Francisco. Situated just a few minutes from the mainland, the island is a favorite among locals, and rightfully so. It has crystal clear waters, powdery white sand, a perfectly-sized beach area, and a community that is ready to cater to the needs of the guests.

The moment our ride stopped at the beach where we would be getting on a boat, my worries all went away. I could literally just see the island from the mainland. As a matter of fact, if there was no water between these islands, I’d say a trek to Tulang Island would only take 30 minutes tops.

Several minutes later, we were ready to get on the boat. Clear skies and calm seas? This is going to be a short boat ride.

The Island of Tulang is just a few hundred meters from here.

True enough, less than 15 minutes later, we were on the Island of Tulang.

Tulang Diot is primarily a tourist destination. And that is exactly why I am glad that there is strict implementation of rules on cleanliness and security why on the island.

Tulang Diot has no electricity so if you enjoy a little music, a nice little speaker should come in handy. Take note, however, that too much noise is prohibited.

Near the docking station, a small restaurant and convenience store sells basically everything that you could ever need while on the island.

And scattered all over the small island are huts and cottages that visitors can use during their visit.

The first thing that greeted us as soon as we got off the boat was this nice picturesque white sand beach.

On one side of the beach is a rocky area which effectively separates it from the rest of the island. I heard that are residents on the other side of the island. However, we weren’t able to explore during our stay.

The presence of full-grown trees just several meters from the water makes Tulang Diot as unique beach destination. You can literally enjoy the water in the shade!

Those that come to the island solo don’t have to worry about getting a hut. I observed that guests are allowed to set up a picnic mat basically anywhere they want.

Useful safety signs as well as safety barriers can be found in various parts of the beach. Still, parents are encouraged to look after their kids even when they’re swimming in very shallow water.

So happy to see this in Camotes. My all-time favorite beach snack in Talisay!

Finally, after a few hours, it was time to head back to San Francisco!


See you next time, Tulang Diot!

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