San Remigio Beach Club Turns 14!

A couple of weeks ago, San Remigio Beach Club held a very special event to celebrate its 14th year in the industry. Members of the local media and a few selected bloggers were also invited to travel to the resort to see the celebration first hand. Although I received an email invite, I initially didn’t want to go. According to the invitation, the whole entourage of invited guests would depart from Cebu City at 7 am. Since I have work on Saturdays, there was definitely no way that I’d be able to make it.

Instead of replying with a NO, however, I emailed back explaining my schedule and my other possible options. I said that since my shift ends at noon, I could drive straight to San Remigio on my motorbike (I won’t even ask for gas money,) and be at the resort even before the program starts at 7 pm.

To my surprise, the PR in-charge replied that this wouldn’t be a problem and proceeded to inform me that they’d reserved a hotel room for me. Well, who am I to say no to free accommodation and a chance to leave the city for a day?

I left the city at around 3 pm. I thought that four hours would be more than enough to cover more than a hundred kilometers.

However, as luck would have it, I got a flat tire even before I could leave the town of Liloan. Luckily, finding a vulcanizing shop was fairly easy. The problem was, it was the only one in the area. So, I had to wait for at least an hour before I got my tire fixed. Not good!

Long story short, I finally reached the town center of San Remigio at around 8 pm. It was completely dark and I really didn’t know where the resort was located. Relying solely on road signs and my own gut, I finally found a road-side marker around thirty minutes later, telling me that I’d made it! Thank God!

The program had just started when I arrived at the resort. Thankfully, a fellow blogger made sure that I had a seat available at the dining area. Thank you, Miong!

Ms. Jane Antonette Ynoc welcoming guests to the 14th anniversary celebration of SRBC.

 What followed next was a colorful blend of good food, hula dances, island rhythms, and fire dances! It was an amazing night!

The trip was pretty tiring so after the program, I went straight to bed and called it a night. The next day, I spent a huge part of the morning walking around and ‘discovering’ the resort.

This was our accommodation. Looks pretty, right?

Next, of course, I went to the beach front to check out the beach! It was 7 in the morning so there were very few people around.

The beach looking really peaceful and calm.

Aftermath of the previous night’s celebration. The celebration lasted way past midnight.

View of the lovely coast of San Remigio in the early morning.

Right next to the resort premises is a fishing village. Observing from the eastern end of the resort, one can get a glimpse of the quiet and simple life in San Remigio.

A man-made ‘pool’ sits right next to the beach. I’m not sure if this pool was actually ever used at one point or if it was an abandoned project. But based on the vicinity map, this spot is called the Sea Pool Ballroom.

After roaming around the beach area, I decided to head to the cafeteria to grab some breakfast.

The hotel restaurant looking mighty fine and ever ready for hungry guests.

The buffet breakfast was truly satisfying. I had my fill of eggs, longganisa, ham, bacon, and drinks!

After a hearty meal, it was time to explore the resort some more!

Loving the grey gravel all over the resort. Makes the resort look really clean and well-maintained.

A very nice-looking basketball court sits right behind the pool area of the resort.

And I finally spotted the pool area. Looking pretty lovely.

The pool area is made up of four different sections. There’s the gigantic main pool, a small kiddie pool, a Jacuzzi, and two slides.

The pool slides and the huge main pool.

View of the main pool and the separate kiddie pool.

Beautiful day beds line the edge of the pools.

After the short tour, it was time to depart for the city.

Thanks for the short but lovely stay, San Remigio Beach Club. I will definitely come back!

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