MCPB - Fluvial Procession 2020

Fluvial Parade 2020: A Yearly Cebuano Tradition You Shouldn’t Miss

The yearly Fluvial Procession is yet another one of my most favorite events during the whole Sinulog season in Cebu. Held a day before the Sinulog Grand Parade, the fluvial parade is attended by thousands of devotees and is witnessed by several hundred thousand more.

2020 Fluvial Parade

Take a look at some scenes from this year’s fluvial parade which I was able to witness and cover. Just like in previous years, I was able to get a good spot inside the pier right next to the Cebu Ports Authority office. Take a look!

Hundreds of military personnel were stationed along the parade route during the entire event. These men were already in their spots as early as 5 in the morning.

Several aircraft can be seen flying above the channel before and during the parade. I saw one small plane and at least two helicopters.

At around 7 am, the parade finally began. Here is a view of the approaching armada filling the entire Mactan Channel

Other fellow spectators and devotees patiently await the arrival of the parade at the edge of the water.

The vessel carrying the image of the Holy Child leads the hundreds of ships and boats moving slowly along the channel.

Devotees waved their hands as the image of Sr. Santo Nino drew closer.

The vessel Teofilo Camomot carried the image as well as the entire party which served as the escort.

Rescue and safety personnel can be seen on jet skis and smaller boats accompanying the bigger boats.

It’s amazing to see just how many vessels assemble each year in Cebu just to attend this hour-long activity.

Devotees on land wave their Ninos as the parade moves closer to the city center.

The Cebu International Port minutes after the end of the fluvial parade.

Watch this video of the 2020 Fluvial Parade

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