Sinulog 2017 Route Maps

Check out the important route maps that would definitely help make your Sinulog 2017 experience more fun and more hassle-free. The Grand Parade route map will tell you where to catch street performances, which roads to stay away from, and where important services (free water, medical services, etc.) can be found. 

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Sinulog 2017 Schedule of Activities

It’s that time of the year once again! Sinulog Festival, the Philippines’ grandest and biggest festival will soon be upon us!. And while the rest of the world is still busy shopping and looking for presents and the perfect holiday recipes, you can check out this schedule instead so you can start planning your great […]

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Sinulog Festival Queen 2016 – Ritual Showdown

Two days before the Sinulog Grand Parade, one very important competition is held at the Cebu City Sports Center. The Search for the Sinulog Festival Queen is a yearly competition that showcases the talent, grace, and beauty of Sinulog lead dancers. During the competition, contestants are judged based on how they carry themselves in the […]

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Sinulog Festival Queen 2016 – Runway Competition

Every year, a day before the actual ritual and performance competitions at the Cebu City Sports Center, contingent lead dancers battle it out on the runway at the Sinulog Festival Queen Runway and Festival Costume competitions. Usually held at the Northwing of SM City Cebu, this ‘pre-pageant’ showcases the best and most talented Festival Queens. Check […]

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Fluvial Parade 2016

The fluvial parade is one of the most popular events during the Sinulog season in Cebu. Very early in the morning, the image of Señor Santo Niño de Cebu, together with the image of the Our Lady of Guadalupe, are paraded through the Mactan Channel back to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. The event […]

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Sinulog 2016 Street Displays

One of the many things that make the Sinulog season in Cebu even more exciting is the participation of various establishments and private companies in the city’s numerous Sinulog activities and programs. Each year, private companies are encouraged to take part in the festivities by setting up displays in various parts of the city that […]

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Sinulog sa Kabataan 2016

One of the most exciting events during the whole Sinulog season is the Sinulog sa Kabataan (Sinulog of the Youth) competitions. Divided into two events, the Sinulog sa Kabataan is held the weekend before the actual Sinulog Grand Parade. The first event, which usually takes place on the second Saturday of the month is the […]

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Sinulog 2016 Schedule of Activities

The Sinulog season is almost here again. Here is the Sinulog 2016 Schedule of Activities. If you want to make your Sinulog experience hassle-free and truly enjoyable, start saving up or making those necessary reservations now! See you next year, everyone! Pit Senyor! SINULOG 2016 Schedule of Activities December 01, 2015 – January 31, 2016 […]

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Sinulog Grand Parade 2015

The Sinulog Festival is the biggest and the grandest festival in the Philippines. Held every third Sunday of January, the festival attracts millions of local and foreign visitors. In case you missed this year’s very colorful fiesta celebration, here are a couple of photos from the event. Pit Senyor!

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Battle of the Queens

Every year, exactly two days before the Sinulog Grand Parade, a different kind of competition is witnessed by thousands at the Cebu City Sports Complex. The lead dancers from participating Sinulog contingents compete for the coveted title Sinulog Festival Queen. To win the title, the lead dancer must have exceptional grace, poise, beauty, and talent. […]

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Behind the Scenes: Sinulog Festival Queen 2015

Tonight, the Sinulog Festival Queen Runway Competition and Photoshoot was held at the SM City Cebu Northwing. These events let spectators have a closer look at the festival queens’ beautiful gowns and excellent runway skills. This year’s program started at 6 pm. As usual and as expected, the event was very well-attended. I arrived late […]

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Sinulog 2014 Schedule of Activities

Are you excited? Well, here it is! The official 2014 Sinulog de Cebu Schedule of Activities! Now start making those big plans! Don’t miss Sinulog 2014! —————- Pit Senyor! Sinulog 2014 Schedule of Activities

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SM’s Chapel Revisited

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates. I had to work elsewhere so I had to leave Cebu for a couple of months. In fact, I missed the only thing that gets all me excited (other than Christmas) – the Sinulog. Anyways, I’m back for good and I promise to […]

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All Set for Sinulog 2012!

Last night, I went to Abellana to get a Sinulog 2012 Photographer’s ID. Although I know that government offices close at 5:00, I still decided to go. Last year, I was able to get an ID at around 7 pm. When I got there, the guard told me to pay Php10.00 to park my bike […]

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Sinulog Grand Parade 2011

Here are some of the photos I took during the Sinulog Grand Parade which was held last January 16, 2011 (every third Sunday of January). It rained the whole day but it didn’t stop the crowd from joining the biggest festival in the country. According to police estimates, at least three million people attended this […]

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Sinulog Backgrounder

“Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. The dance moves two steps forward and one step backward to the sound of the drums.” The word Sinulog is a Visayan term to the local dance that follows the rhythm of the river flow (Sulog). It has come down […]

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Devotion to the Holy Image

When the men of Conquistador Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 fled from the Zubu settlement on their leader’s death, legends say that there were efforts by the natives to destroy what the Spaniards left, the image of the Santo Niño. After all, it was a new idol, a strange one to pagan natives. It was also […]

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