MCPB - Fluvial Parade 2024

Fluvial Parade 2024 in Photos

The Fluvial Parade 2024 was one of the most well-attended events during the entire Fiesta Senyor season in Cebu. The yearly event, held a day before Sinulog Sunday, sees the image of Senyor Santo Nino crossing the Mactan Channel from the island of Mactan back to the City of Cebu on the mainland.

This year’s fluvial parade was a little different for me mainly because I had to witness it in an entirely different location. In the past, I would usually wake up early to get a spot in Pier 1 or Pier 3 or that one across SM City Cebu. This year, however, I was invited by the team from Mandani Bay to witness the event right within their property. Just for the event, the team mentioned that they will be preparing a program for attendees. Aside from that, they promised that the viewing experience would be awesome because they said that the property’s boardwalk offers an amazing view of the Mactan Channel.

Mandani Bay

And true enough, the boardwalk was gorgeous! Sitting at the Southeastern end of the property, the boardwalk is definitely the biggest of its kind in Cebu. In fact, it was so big that it was able to accommodate thousands of people for the event.

According to the team, spectators began arriving at the event around midnight. The event was expected to start at around 6 or 7 am.

Here’s a view of the crowd already occupying their spots at around 4 am.

Here is a view of one of the few towers already completed (and occupied) within the Mandani Bay complex. The unit owners here are so lucky!

The keep the spectators entertained, Mandani Bay had song and dance numbers beginning at around 5 am.

Fluvial Parade 2024

At around 6 am, more people started to arrive.

Here’s a view of the spectators patiently waiting for the start of the procession.

Around 7 am, people started to notice activities in the Channel. The procession was clearly about to start.

More and more people gathered close to the end of the water to get a clearer view of the parade.

In this portion of the boardwalk, tents were provided for senior citizens and guests with special needs. Snacks and refreshments were also served. Amazing!

This group has front-row seats. How lucky!

And a few minutes later, the boats started to pass by. It was a sight to behold.

Originally, the vessel carrying the image of the Nino passed right in the middle of the channel. And the devotees didn’t even notice. For context, the vessel wasn’t the usual vessel that carried the image and people thought it was just one of those that wanted to join the parade.

Apparently, the organizers understood what happened and they decided to let the boat make a U-turn to pass in front of the boardwalk. And this time it was much closer to land. It was amazing!

Devotees waving their hands and singing Batu Balani sa Gugma.

Another shot of the vessel carrying the Holy Child.

Take a look at all those boats! I’ll never get tired of this view.

Viva! Pit Senyor, Cebu! Viva! Senyor Santo Nino!

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