Out of Cebu: Davao City and the Kadayawan – Day 4


On our last day in Davao City, we were able to witness the beautiful Pamulak sa Kadayawan street parade. Pamulak is a feature of the Kadayawan Festival which highlights the abundance of lovely blooms in Davao. During this event, participants from various sectors of the city parade their colorful floats adorned with fresh blooms and produce. Also featured during this event is the participation of different groups (ethnic, social, and community) signifying the unity of the people of Davao.

Here are some of the many photos that I took during the event. I hope you enjoy them!

Davao City – DAY 4

After leaving the hotel, our van took us to the road closest to the parade. Most streets have been closed off but our driver knows his way around very well so we didn’t have a hard time getting close to the parade.

Different muslim and lumad groups joined the parade.

This beautiful lady sitting on a durian was a total scene-stealer.

This float features a man with golden wings.

A big contingent from the MNLF was also present during the parade.

I was pleasantly surprised that ‘majorettes’ and ‘minorettes’ are still pretty popular in Davao.

These amazing kids on mini bikes wowed the spectators.

Even the pets were there c/o the Davao Pet Lovers society.

And how could you miss this little walking durian? 🙂

Leaving the parade route for a bit to look for a bathroom and this was what I saw. The streets remain spotless despite the fact that the parade was still ongoing.

This beautiful float which pays tribute to the Philippine Eagle is lovely.

But, as always, IPI’s ‘under the sea’ flower float was just out of this world!


This float, which uses materials like grass, seeds, and actual vegetables and fruits, was a personal favorite.

During lunch break, we traveled to Roxas Avenue to check out everyone’s favorite buffet place – Chippens!

Chippens is one of Davao city’s most affordable and most popular buffets.

The Davao City DOT team who took care of us. Thank you! 🙂

Thanks to Chef Sally San Jose (owner of Chippens) and her team for the warm welcome.

After our filling lunch, we dropped by the Public Safety and Security Command Center of Davao City.

Here, all traffic, road, and public activities are monitored.

Then, we went next door to the Central Communications and Emergency Response Center. This is where all 911 calls in Davao City are received.

We were given a guided tour of the whole building.

And we saw this impressive bus ambulance.

It could accommodate at least a dozen people at once!

Our last stop was the photo exhibit in Abreeza Mall. The photographic exhibition featured the current president Rody Duterte through the years.

And before calling it a day, we headed to one of my most favorite spots in Davao City – Tiny Kitchen!

Of course, we had paella!

And paella negra!

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