Sinulog Festival Queen 2017

You’ve probably heard the news that Mayor Tomas Osmena has cancelled this year’s Miss Cebu competition. According to him, the competition has become too elitist. He also stated that the pageant requires a huge amount of funds which the city could definitely use on other (more important) things. He then added that the city should instead focus on the Sinulog Festival Queen competition as it is more centered on culture and the Sinulog.

Which explains why the Sinulog Festival Queen competition this year is getting a lot of support and boost. In the past, the candidates were only seen during the Sinulog Grand Parade. Then, a Sinulog Festival showdown was done to showcase their grace and talent.

This year, the candidates have a lot of sponsors and appearances. Thanks to the slots left behind by Miss Cebu, this year’s Sinulog Festival Queen candidates have at least 4 sponsor photo shoots and various appearances.

Here are this year’s Sinulog Festival Queen candidates. These photos are posted with permission from the Sinulog Festival 2017 official photographer Mr. Chang Euldan. Big thanks, Sir! ūüôā


Candidate No. 1
Ivy. T. Tapic
18 |¬†5’6 |¬†50 kilos
34, 36, 24
Municipality of Asturias


Candidate No. 2
Ceydney Go Basalo
20 |¬†5’6 |¬†45 kilos
34, 24, 36
Banay Labangonon


Candidate No. 3
Cristal Jane Lacida
20 |¬†5’7 |¬†50 kilos
32, 23, 34
Talisay City


Candidate No. 4
Angelyn Quimbo Gawayen
24 |¬†5’4 |¬†50 kilos
32, 23, 34
Tangub’s Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe


Candidate No. 5
Brichen Mae V. Mongaya
16 |¬†5’4 |¬†48 kilos
33, 31, 33
Pahina San Nicolas


Candidate No. 6
Shyna S. Daclan
17 |¬†5’4 |¬†45 kilos
32 1/2, 25, 32 1/2
Brgy. Sambag 1


Candidate No. 7
Luzenne Sanchez Jones
18 |¬†5’4 |¬†46 kilos
34, 26, 34
San Nicolas Proper


Candidate No. 8
Nicole L. Banate
17 |¬†5’1 |¬†44 kilos
31, 26, 33
Banauanon Cultural Group


Candidate No. 9
Marla Pino Alforque
20 |¬†5’5 |¬†55 kilos
32, 24, 34
Carcar City


Candidate No. 10
Anette B. Ybanita
21 |¬†5’3 |¬†50 kilos
32 1/2, 27, 35 1/2
Brgy. Sapangdaku


Candidate No. 11
Samar Mohamed Bautista Bandoukji
23 |¬†5’4 |¬†50 kilos
32, 24, 33
Tribu Katbalaugan (Catbalogan City)


Candidate No. 12
Lara Therese Carabuena Delica
17 |¬†5’6 |¬†62 kilos
37, 29, 38
Municipality of Tuburan- Cebu


Candidate No. 13
Marielle Nazarene Densing Cortes
18 |¬†5’4 |¬†49 kilos
33, 24, 24
Lanao Del Norte

Who is your bet?

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