Movenpick, At Last!

So, interesting story. Two weeks ago, I got an invite from the marketing head of Movenpick Resort and Spa in Mactan (previously Hilton.) If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice that the resort has been featured a couple of times since I discovered Olango (my new favorite.) So, anyway, Movenpick was recently awarded the Green Globe award. And to tell some bloggers and media guys about it, a small cocktail event was held.

You guys know that I live in Cebu City. And considering all the recent road repairs and stuff, the trip from Cebu to Mactan would take at least forty minutes. Which was why I left home at 5 pm. Surely, I wouldn’t miss the 6 pm cocktail event. Well… Hahaha!

I reached Movenpick a few minutes after six. The invite said 6, though. Hehe.

I parked at the basement of the building closest to the main road. When I went out of the building, I learned that it was the Movenpick Residences. Not very sure, but I guess that means it’s a condo building.

Just across the condo tower is the resort complex. Lovely, right?

The lobby was unexpectedly very unique. It was excellent.

I’m not completely sure. This one is either a food counter or the info desk.

So, yeah, I went straight to the FORUM – the venue of the cock tail – and  before I got in, I took a little peek. Apparently, yeah, I was late.  And believe it or not, I couldn’t find the courage to enter the room. I didn’t know anyone in there and I felt like I was under-dressed for the event. Plus, I didn’t want to interrupt any discussion that was already taking place inside. So, when the guard asked if I was going in, I told him that I still had to go to the bathroom. Haha.

Near the lobby, they have a pool table and they offer various activities to keep guests entertained.

Just take a look at this piece. Lovely, right?

View from the lobby. Wow!

Instead of going home, I decided to check out the pool area. Without an invite, entry to this place would probably cost at least a thousand bucks. Now is my perfect chance!

Check out the lovely woodwork!

They did a really wonderful job in making this resort look like a million bucks.

And this was where my jaw just dropped. Beautiful!

And look at those seats which double as loungers. WOW!

Now imagine enjoying a lovely night here with family and close friends.

Just wonderful.

Even the staircase looked fabulous.

And the beach is just lovely.

Look at those glowing seats!

Very pretty!

Not exactly sure what this is. Most probably a massage hut.

The towers as seen from the beach.

Even the wooden walkway looks really awesome.


This small portion at the edge of the property is currently one of the hottest spots in the whole country. This spot, called Ibiza, often appears in photos of celebrities from different parts of the nation.

The beach.

Service JEEPS. Nice!

Twenty minutes later, I was headed back home. It was a rather short stay but I’m happy. Hehe. I hope the marketing head could read this so that he’ll know why I wasn’t there. Haha.

And that their hotel looks really kick ass.

Movenpick, at last!