Rediscovering Tabogon’s Guiwanon Spring


It was already three in the afternoon when I decided to go ahead and locate the Guiwanon Cold Spring of Tabogon. I was at this small road-side store somewhere in Catmon eating a quick snack when the idea came to me.  As I was trying to remember all my options, I remembered a spot that I’d visited when I was in grade school. The problem was, I had completely forgotten where it was located exactly.

The first thing that I did was ask around. It wasn’t very difficult to get a name and address because apparently, it’s one of the most popular spots in Northern Cebu. By 3:30, I was in Barangay Maslog in the town of Tabogon.

I distinctly remember that there was a huge road-side sign. It’s easy to miss this sign if you’re not very observant.

Driving? Worry not! There’s a huge parking lot for motorbike and 4-wheel vehicles for only 10 pesos per hour.

And entrance to the Spring is only 5, How cool!

Guiwanon Spring looks very lovely and peaceful.

The actual ‘spring’ is very visible in person. However, it is hard to find it when you’re looking at a still photo. But if you look closely at the photo, you will see the tiny ripples on the surface of the otherwise very smooth body of water.

Sitting right next to the spring is a giant tree which local kids use as a diving platform.

There’s the spring! And the crystal clear water, of course!

From another angle. The springs looks so blue and ethereal.

The whole ‘pool’ as seen from the beach a few meters up ahead.

View of the beach just beyond the man-made pool.

Water from the spring flowing straight to the beach.

Me enjoying a fun, quiet time in the water. I really needed this.

And, of course, here I am spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the wonderful view.

Some huge fish swimming in the pool. They definitely do not mind the people sharing the water with them.

In this part of the property, water is seen flowing from the main pool into a smaller pool where locals usually take a bath or do the laundry.

I spent two more hours in the water before I finally called it a day. Till next time, Guiwanon!

During my long drive back to the city, I stopped by this sleepy and quiet little burger joint for a quick snack break.

To get a better picture of the whole place, check out this video of Guiwanon Spring!

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