Cebu Updates 17


Here is another edition of Cebu Updates. The city is at its busiest due to the commencement of several high-profile projects as well as the ongoing road repairs. Also, a lot of projects like SM Seaside City and Il Corso, both at the SRP, are nearing completion. The interest in SM’s Seaside City is especially high since the mall just recently opened its doors to selected members of the public for its tenant viewing.

Anyway, let’s take a look at Cebu as of June 2015.


Park Point Residences is a welcome addition to the continually expanding Ayala Center Cebu complex.

Ayala Center Cebu Expansion Phase

The Ayala Center Cebu Corporate Center now standing right in front of the V-Hire and Jeep terminal.

eBlocs 2 and 3 are now fully operational at the Cebu IT Park.

A new mall is growing in Danao City.

Based on available renderings, the mall is going to be called the V Mall.

The 25-story Nature’s Suite Business Hotel in Mandue City will soon be topped off.

Liloan’s very own Gaisano Grand Mall will be opening this year.

Sundance Residences in Banawa is one of the city’s fastest growers.

Sundance Residences and the already-completed One Pavilion.

At the South Road Properties, FilInvest’s Il Corso at the City di Mare will soon be fully operational.

An amphitheater facing the Mactan Channel. Looks interesting.

I hope they won’t have any problems during the typhoon season, though.

Other than that, it looks pretty new and interesting.

Now, the current star at the SRP is the SM Seaside City complex. Here it is as seen from the Mambaling bridge.

Main signage is now up! Loving the font type and how simple and clean it looks.

The tower at the center now looking very prominent.

The tower is currently the tallest structure at the SRP. It will house several shops, restaurants, a digital clock, and a viewing deck.

What do you think of the facade?

Looks like the top floors will be the mall’s main park space.

And it looks like the sky garden will have glass railings.

And the second floor will have an open-air walkway.

Closer look at the tower. Growing every single day.

Several structures at the sky garden. These will probably be restaurants or shops/cafes.

And look at the plants!

A panorama shot of the whole mall.

What do you think of the SM Seaside City? Do you think having an amphitheater facing the Mactan Channel is a good idea? Is Danao City ready for a mall?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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