Yet Another One!

Two years ago, the first LED screen arrived in Cebu. A year later, two more ad screens were put up in the city (one in ACT tower and one in Ayala access road in Mabolo). Just before this year ends, a new one will be made operational by no less than the owner of the biggest mall in the island. Compared to the first three screens, this one is huge. I don’t know the exact dimensions but I’m pretty sure that it’s twice the size of the screen in Fuente and about four times the size of the screen in ACT tower.

I hope Metro Gaisano would realize that the facade of their store in Colon would look great with a huge ad screen like this one! 🙂

The huge LED screen in SM City Cebu.

Closer look. Anyone knows when this will start working?

The ad tower near the east entrance of the mall will soon be a thing of the past.

Closer look. In less than a month, this tower will be no more. LOL.

10 thoughts on “Yet Another One!

  1. I visited SM gahapon (December 1) ug pag-uli nako kay ilang gitest and screen. SO i think murag mugana na ni xa this December. I asked one of the guards and he said na any day this month daw.

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