Welcome to Plaza Sugbu!


Plaza Sugbu is finally open! Woohoo! For those of you who still do not know, Plaza Sugbu is that area in between the Magellan’s Cross (behind the Basilica) and the Cebu City Hall. Last year, a rehabilitation project to ‘beautify’ the downtown district of Cebu City was commenced. The project included the renovation of Plaza Independencia, the renovation of the Cebu City Hall, as well as the creation of Plaza Sugbu (Cebu Plaza) and a pocket Police Station. Yesterday, the Plaza was finally inaugurated and the special guest was no less than the country’s chief executive, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. After the renovation and creation of Plaza Sugbu, we can now notice that all paving stones in the area were changed. We can now also see landscapes in front of the Office of the City Mayor. The area has also become a walking-district and PUJ’s and private vehicles are no longer allowed to pass in the area.


Cebu’s newest baby – Plaza Sugbu

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The area near Magellan’s Cross

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The place is now really clean.

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Take a look at that!

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Magellan’s Cross kiosk


Nindot pud ang pavers surrounding the kiosk! Hehehe.


Nindot na ang night lights sa Kiosk! Hehehe!


Korean tourists waiting for their bus.


Kiosk from afar.


Office of the City Mayor.

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Nindot kaayo ang building.

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Main entrance! Pretty nice!

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Cebu City’s Joe

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City Hall entrance with new flagpole!

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Area in front of the City Hall. I hope they make an outdoor cafe here. Hehehe.

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Right side with view of the pocket police station for tourists.

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Terno ang paving stones! Nindot!

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Nice na dinhi ilakaw-lakaw! Hehehe!

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Nice pud ang landscape! Hehehe.

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Welcome to Plaza Sugbu!

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Nice kaayo dinhi!

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21 Comments on Welcome to Plaza Sugbu!

  1. 100% so much better than before. nindot ang pavement. hopefully they will make the plaza more safer too. last time niadto ko nakuutan ako bag .makabadtrip lagi.

  2. very nice project indeed, aside from Police Station, they can also put a tourism information center, some coffee shops like what they normally do in Rome, Italy, at least in that way, people will feel safe and at the same time enjoy the place…..thanks for the pictures ley as usual….

  3. Very beautiful Plaza, the pavers look great. I am glad that the police is right there too!! Is there a Bank Of PI in that area? i am trying to recall if that is the area where there use to be one?

  4. I think on the 3rd pic, part of BPI can be seen, murag mao man siguro na ilang pina ka una nga banko diri sa Cebu, I might be wrong…..nindot na dyud na karon, limpyo and relaxing ang dating, can’t wait to be there soon this year end…..

  5. looks like they really cleaned up the place real good! Great Job! I used to work downtown as a dj in the 90’s. The last time I was there was 2003. I miss larshan the most. By the way, my grumbacher (in photo) would like to be friends with your satchmo. (^_^)V

  6. Sometimes, I get frustrated with the corruption, inefficiencies of the local government, and the seeming lack of effort to make things better – but this is a sign it’s not all bad. There are many good things happening out there, including this vast improvement of the City Hall/basilica area. It’s very nice. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  7. kodus to mayor TO!. . .hope he or his succesor could have this maintain clean and tidy at all times and those bastards who pee in there has to be dealt with severly. . .a coffee shop or snack bar will add glamor in there but again, owners has to keep the environ clean at all times so that flies and other insects won’t dwell..

  8. Looks very nice, so new and clean. One thing, I don’t see the vendors, and water girls there. Have they been run out of the area now that it has been “renewed”?

  9. everything looks awesome, the only thing I did not see are trash bins, they should have these strategically located para dili magpatuyang ug labay ug basura and mga tawo, para na’ay consistency ang order……. just my 2cents

  10. WOW! KUDOS to the City and the DOT for revitalizing this part of the city. After all, this area is one of the most visited place in our city and it is just right to make it cleaner and more appealing to tourists and locals.

    Salamat Ley for keeping us abreast with the latest developments in the city. As per usual, GREAT JOB!

  11. I hope ma maintain ni sa government and above all sa mga tao. We should learn how to appreciate parks. I hope di lang tunob tunoban ang mga grass.

    The city hall looks gorgeous but somehow the porte-cochere on the facade or the pillars somehow alters the old look.

  12. nindota dah sa Plaza Sugbo, July 24 is so memorable to me. Good pick for that date. First time nako naka kita ug Joe nga naglingkod,
    Magellans Cross Kiosk needs a repaint, gilumot na ang atop.
    Hopefully they maintain the grass green

  13. Wow! Looks great. Gwapa Kaayo! Cebu just keeps getting better and better. It truly is a world class city. I can’t wait to be back. Mingaw, mingaw Cebu!!!

    Yeah, a coffee shop in proximity would be nice. Not Starbuck’s though, gotta be Bo’s Coffee Club. :-)

  14. magallanes (esp. city hall area) has improved a lot..i remember very well during my elementary years sa CSN na grabe ilisud ug tabok diha tungod sa mga muagiay na jeep..i like how they preserved the old structures..speaking of, wala pa jud tawn ko ka pa picture sa kiosk, haha..

  15. well done cebu!!! although i originally came from the south of cebu, i’m proud to be a cebuana. looks like cebu is very progressive now especially with the new buildings and renovations of the plaza. i hope people themselves will help maintain the cleanliness. i am just wondering… if the snatchers and mangunguots are still around making us not safe to walk around the plaza….i wish to visit cebu one of these days…congrats to all who made this a success!

  16. Thank you for keeping us abreast of the wonderful development of the Queen City of the South!!!I I’m a Cebuana and I’m proud of it.Congratulations to our city mayor who iniciates this great project.I hope they can also rehabilitate the famous Colon street as it is a part of our local history.
    I missed Cebu,and I hope to come back soon with my family and and be proud to show them around a clean and beautiful Cebu!!!!
    Mabuhay,from Brazil

  17. Nice kaayo oi! Mingaw na kaayo ko sa Cebu. Daghan na kaayong nindot nga suroyan diha oi sukad nilarga ko padung Hawaii last 2006. Hopefully, my family will visit there next year. I love Cebu!

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