Failed Sequel

Trip Sponsor: Mam Judith! 🙂


Before anything else, big big big thanks to Mam Judith for this trip! 🙂

Anyway, last week, Redjie and I decided to do the sequel to the round-south trip that we took a couple of weeks ago. Since we’ve already toured the southern end of the island, this time, we decided to conquer the north. And so, after making careful plans of our possible stops and listing down the awesome sights to see along the way, everything was set. This trip, once completed, will be a new record for us. Our names will be added to the long list of Round Cebu Bikers (if that list even exists.) Hahaha.


Afternoon fishing in Tuburan. Amazing.

So, we agreed to meet at 8 am at McDonald’s JY Square. You see, for those who do not know, JY Square Mall is right at the foot of Nivel Hills and basically at the beginning of the TransCentral Highway. it would be a perfect starting point.

A horrible thing happened though as Redjie arrived just a few minutes before TEN. You read that right. TEN AM. When he arrived, he had a a lame reason. He said that traffic was heavy in Mambaling. It was a Sunday. For the record, I often arrive late. But I am never late for more than an hour! Redjie, shut up and take my crown. Hahaha.

Ok, forget about that. After having breakfast, we were on our way. Basically, the round-north trip started at Ten am. Not a good idea. Haha.

A few minutes later, we were in Cantipla.

Awesome fresh produce!

He was so excited. Haha.

We made a quick stop for some cooked sweet corn. Very yummy!

More fresh fruits and veggies at half the price!

Roadside farmer’s market.

After buying just two pieces (we’re so cheap. Haha,) we were back on the road. Loving this part of the highway. Very beautiful.

We stopped at a spot with an excellent view of the mountains somewhere in Gaas in Balamban. The view was spectacular. Here’s a view of a newly-opened adventure cafe in the mountains of Balamban.

I love Redjie’s camera. 30X zoom!!! By the way, he lent me his nice camera because mine was unavailable. Hehe.

Feeling like a total pro! Haha.

We also stopped by this old bridge along the way.

Friendly local kids ready to pose!

I see fog! I see fog!

The highway right next to the old bridge.

And there it is. More fog! Haha.

We made another stop a few moments later to take advantage of this. The arm socks were very handy.

And finally, we reached Balamban proper. It was already noon when we got there.

We decided to have lunch at this restaurant.

Then, we went inside the mall to buy some stuff for Redjie’s family. See, Redjie’s relatives live in Asturias. Interior is looking nice.

To the supermarket.

And a nice looking department store.

After that, we went straight to Asturias to visit Redjie’s family. See that orange bridge? The small road right next to it leads straight to Redjie’s aunt’s house.

Spied some local kids fishing after a heavy downpour.

We finally made it to Redjie’s aunt’s house. However, it started to rain really hard. We waited for a while but it seems as though it would no longer stop. By 3 pm, we decided to proceed with the trip whether or not it stopped raining.

And it didn’t stop raining. Haha.

A couple of minutes after 4, we finally reached Tuburan town. Now, at this point, we were resigned to the fact that this was never going to be a round-north trip. It was just impossible.  So, we just decided to roam around and just experience the town for a little while.

And that was when I noticed. Tuburan has become amazingly clean. I can’t believe it!

I looked at the water and saw that it was crystal clear. And we didn’t see any trash. Amazing.

They even have these well-maintained gardens.

I remember, a few years ago, this part was busy, and loud, and dirty. There were food and snack houses in this area, too. But now, wow!

Here’s a shot of the place years ago. Osman was still an elementary student. Haha. Now he’s in college.

And here it is now. Very clean.

And  then we saw these locals trying to catch some fish. Cool.

Redjie observing the fishermen.

Fishing tools. Improvised but works just as well.

Very clean. I am amazed.

I even spotted a couple of teenagers enjoying the water.

Surfing on a perfectly fine day.

Fishermen patiently waiting for that one giant catch.

We also checked out the park. The park is now also very clean. In the past, habal-habal drivers were parked EVERYWHERE. But now, I see no parking signs in some areas.

This area used to be very crowded and dirty.

And look at the v-hire terminal. Very nice and well-organized.

When we got tired of walking around, we dropped by this small burger place at the market. Yum!

By 5 pm, we were ready to leave. Now, Tuburan is still a long way from home. But we were taking our time. Haha.

We even dropped by this lovely part near the Tabuelan border. I’ve featured this beach many times before. I refer to it as brown beach.

And yet another surprise. They’ve planted mangroves!

These mangroves will greatly help since this is a fishing community.

Okay, whoever is the new leader of Tuburan, congratulations to you sir/madam. Keep up the excellent work!

Sunset in Tuburan.

We left for the city when it was starting to get dark. Thankfully, despite the wet road, we reached the metro safe and sound.

We even dropped by SM City Consolacion for dinner!

Our sequel is a huge failure. But we’ll try harder next time.  🙂

Visit North Cebu, you guys!