Mantayupan: Barili’s Jewel


We decided to tour the whole Southern Cebu over the weekend. First on our list was the Church of St. Alexandria in Carcar [I’ve already posted some pics of Carcar a few weeks ago]. After that was the Mantayupan Falls in Barili.

The Mantayupan Falls of Baranggay Campangga, Barili is one of the tallest water falls in Cebu. Since few people have discovered the beauty of Mantayupan, it remains very ‘natural’ and well-preserved. However, a few things have changed since the last time we were here.


Awesome sight! Wooot!

 A small Hydro Power plant (?) near the falls.


Fresh water from the falls. I think this goes to the nearby farms.

Entrance Php 5.00

One of the many changes: Newer and better pavers! Woohoo!

Exciting walkway to the falls. Wow!

Walay kulba-ay ha! Hehehe.

Awesome rock formation you see along the way.

Four falls below the main waterfalls. 

Keep walking! Up up up!

Woohoo! We’re finally here!

There’s Uzi taking a picture of the four lovely waterfalls.

Fresh water and greens.


Fresh water! Cool!

Ayaw pataka ug labay!

They say there’s a small cave there.

A bunch of first-timers enjoying the sight.

Dressing rooms.

Ayaw pataka ug biya sa imong mga gamit!

Ahh! What a lovely sight!


More fresh water!


Posing ang mga artistahin.

Another view of the waterfalls.

One of the featured stops of the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Heritage Trail.

View from the top.

Mu-try si dodong Ivan. Tan-awon nato ug dili ba mabasa beh! Hahaha.

Uy! Nabasa man! Bwahahahaha.

Dili ka mabasa ana? Kakusog ana!

Sean enjoying the water.

Exhibition ang bata.

Si Vet ug si Captain Barbell.

Water everywhere!

 Visit Mantayupan!


P.S. To Ms. Jenny: Don’t worry. I’m doing good. Dugay lang ko naka-update kay wala na man koy ika-update. Hehehehe.