Gabii Sa Kabilin 2013

Finally, after almost two months, I’m back. Sorry for that. I wasn’t able to travel and make updates because of a couple of things. First, my grammy died a month ago. Second, my camera is broke and I still need to have it fixed. I have a point and shoot but it takes horrible night shots.

Fortunately, when I decided to join this year’s Gabii sa Kabilin, my friend Redjie decided to tag along. Redjie has a new Sony DSLR camera and he’s starting to enjoy photography. So, the photos of this post are not mine. If you want to use them, please let me know so that I can tell him about it.

Here are some of his photos. Enjoy!


The 2013 GSK was a huge success! Good job to all the organizers and participants!

View of the courtyard of the jail-turned-museum Museo Sugbo.

View of the courtyard of Casa Gorordo.

Facade of the Legislative Building of the Cebu City Hall.

The fountain at the heart of the Senior Citizen’s Park.

A tartanilla passing right in front of the Cebu Chinese Heritage Museum – previously Gotiaoco Building.

View of the Cebu City Hall from the Senior Citizen’s Park..

Interior of Casa Gorordo.

The Prayer Room of Casa Gorordo.

A percussion band welcomes guests to the Museo Sugbo.

View of the Casa Gorordo courtyard from the azotea.

A room displaying valuable documents from the Japanese Era in Museo Sugbo.

The currently-being-rehabilitated Campania Maritima at the SRP.

A lovely lady, didn’t catch her name, singing Cebuano favorites at the Yap-Sandiego House.

Fire dancers!

Dancers performing for guests outside the Yap-Sandiego House in Parian.

A rondalla greets guests at the Fort San Pedro Museum.

Thanks to Redjie for the photos!