Lunch By The Sea

After our volunteer work at the GK Village, we all decided to look for a nice little restaurant where we could rest our tired hands and feet and just enjoy good food (and hopefully the view as well). Well, it only took a full one minute before someone said the word ‘beach.’ I’ve been dying to go to the beach – me and my SSC friends were actually talking about going to the beach after the volunteer work the whole time we were shovelling and filling sacks with dirt – so we said yes! You just can’t say no to the beach! Hehehe.

Strangely, when true-blue Cebuanos talk about (or are IN) Talisay, the beach and the countless seafood stands always pop out. But it is of course a good thing. After all, we all grew up eating konsilba, catching small crabs and crawl-swimming in the beaches of Talisay. 🙂


A feast on the beach! Who could say no to that? 😀

The plaza behind the old Municipal Hall.

Ah! The beach! I noticed that the beach has been cleared and the huts were moved closer to the road. Good job!

A familiar figure – a lady selling salvaro!

Add some latik! Wow!

Ready to eat! Just 5 pesos.

Nom nom nom.

I didn’t notice the birds until I saw this photo. Nice!

Our table is set! Wow!

Time to eat!

Squid, fish, pork bbq, kinilaw!

Cute huts!

They transformed a small beach lot into a park/monument. Nice job.

Statues of American soldiers.

Wait. You didn’t know that the Americans landed in Cebu? Let me give you a short recap.

On March 26, 1945, Americal Division forces approached the beach landing site in Talisay.

After heavy naval and aerial bombardment, the first troops of the 3rd Battalion of the 132nd Infantry landed on the beach.

American troops on the beach. The Liberation of Cebu actually started on the very beach where we were dining. Just wow!

Closer look of the statues.

Close up!

I must say this has got to be the most uncomfortable pose of any statue ever. Hehe.

View from the back.

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