Ten Minutes in Pinamungajan

After a quick but refreshing (and may I add life-changing) swim in Alonguinsan’s Hidden Beach, it was time to get back on the road and head for home. The plan was to go back via Barili-Carcar. But I remembered that I still had at least two hours to spare. So, I opted for the longer but more exciting route.

The drive from Aloguinsan to the town of Pinamungajan was great. The roads are nice and along the way, there are amazing sights to keep you entertained. I don’t know much about Pinamungahan. So, when I started seeing road-side signs indicating that I was close, I reduced my speed to 50. Just in case.


Ten minutes in Pinamungajan. You’d wish you could stay longer.

A wonderful spot I saw along the way. Actually, this view is common in Cebu’s coastal towns. They really fascinate me. I’d dive in if I could swim! Honestly.

A few minutes later I was finally there. KM 64 and 15 kilometers from the city of Toledo.

The town hall of Pinamungajan!

Right across the street was the small town square. I have this thing for town square. I especially like the ones facing the sea. I bet this would look amazing at night!

And hey! Look! Sunday is beach day!

More people enjoying the tide! Sundays in Cebu are awesome!

View of the park and the sea.

You’re free to correct me, okay? I think that’s the island of Negros and that amazing huge mass right there is Mt. Canlaon.

Park benches. Perfect for chismisan in the later afternoon.

Perfect for picnics!

The circle right in the middle of the square is perfect for roller skating!

And of course the town market of Pinamungajan.

Like I said, I don’t know much about Pinamungajan but I’d really love to come back. If you know any awesome spots in the area that I can check out, please let me know! I promise, the next time I’m in the area, I’m going to spend more than ten minutes! 🙂

Up next, the final leg of my trip (via the Transcentral Highway)

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