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In Photos: The CCLEX Solar Farm

Several months ago, I was able to tour the newly-completed CCLEX Solar Farm. Organized by the people behind the massive bridge, the tour was to show members of the local media and bloggers the project’s latest updates, improvements, and additions.

CCLEX Solar Farm

One of the project’s latest additions was the solar farm. The CCLEX Solar Farm is a Php60M on-grid and hybrid solar farm built within the 8.9KM CCLEX complex. Generating at least 50,400 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per month, the farm is expected to supply the expressway’s daytime power requirements. The farm will power the roadway lights, traffic control room, CCTV cameras, toll plaza, road weather information system, and more. With the solar farm being operational, a decrease in power consumption is anticipated.

The solar ‘farm’ can be found in three different locations within the property.  Panels can be found at the Toll Plaza as well as the Toll Operations Center building. Panels can also be seen on an empty area, approximately 3,500 square meters in size, just before the main bridge.

Bikers and joggers can take a close look at the farm as the panels are located just along the road.

Here’s a quick and quiet look at the Solar Farm.

A total of 862 photovoltaic panels can be seen installed in three different areas within the complex.

I know this doesn’t look too impressive from the ground but I’m pretty certain that the farm looks amazing from above.

View of the City

If you’re in the area, aside from having an opportunity to see the farm up close, you also get to see the ever-changing skyline of Cebu.
This shot, for example, features the high-rise buildings in the midtown area.
This one shows how massive Cebu’s development and economy have become in the last couple of years. Just five to ten years from now, the city would be so hard to recognize.


This portion features the highrise buildings of Mandaue City.

So, that’s it, guys! It’s a bit short, I know. But I hope that this new post has helped you understand the goal of the project and why they have decided to renewable energy.

Til next time! See you!

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