Sogod is So Good!

And the quest for cheesy post titles rages on! Haha!

Anyways, here are the photos of my trip to Binaliw Spring in Bagatayam, Sogod. This was my first dip for the trip featured in my Three-Dip Trip post.

So, after enjoying the cool waters of the Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort in Carmen, I drove straight to the Municipality of Sogod to check out the Binaliw Spring. Just a few hundred meters past Sogod Proper, you will see the Bagatayam Bridge in Barangay Bagatayam. Beside that bridge, a road will lead you to the falls, the spring, and the Our Lady of Lourdes shrine.

Bagatayam Falls of Sogod, Cebu. Pretty!

Road-side sign. You can’t miss it!

How do you know where and when to stop? Easy. When you reach the end of the road, there’s only one thing to do. Haha. You will then see this. A couple of steps down and you will see the spring.

Binaliw Spring. Cool!

The Our Lady of Lourdes shrine built near the source of the spring.

Close-up of the shrine.

Little doggie getting a drink. Hehe.

Fresh and cool. This place is great.

I didn’t go swimming right away because I wanted to take photos of the Bagatayam Falls first. I asked one old lady sitting under a tree (she was eating ice buko. hehe) and using her mouth to point, she said that the falls was “that way.” Beyond the mango trees, she said, a small path will lead me to the river and to the falls.

A small path beyond the mango trees – Check! She was telling the truth. Hehe.

Bananas everywhere!

Finally! The river!

Trying to cross the river without getting my shoes wet.

Can I do it? The middle part is around thigh-deep. If I slip my camera will surely die. Haha.

Glad I made it safe and dry to the other side. I followed the direction of the river and later saw this. I actually have no idea what this is. Hehe.

Later, I saw a couple of kids swimming. That must be it. The Bagatayam Falls is surely just around the corner.

But then, I didn’t see any falls. I asked the kids and they told me that the falls was near the main road. Wait, main road? I’m at least half a mile from the main road! Haha.

I couldn’t keep walking. The river could get deep or worse, I could get lost! So, I decided to just head back to the spring.

This time, as I was crossign the river, I slipped and almost dropped my camera. Haha. Tough luck!


I went back to the spring and looked for the old lady. She was no longer there. Oh, well. The spring looks inviting, though. The only way to ‘cure’ a wet pair of shoes? A quick swim, of course! Haha.

The river trek made me a little hot and sweaty. So, I decided to hit the water. Woohoo!

This view is awesome!

Ready to swim!

Awesome place. And there were very few people around!

Shot from the middle of the river. Cool! I tried to take a couple of photos of myself but it didn’t work out.

That lady with a kid was kind enough to take a couple of photos of me swimming, though. So, thanks a lot to her! Hehe.

After my quick swim, I continued my search for the falls. And true enough, It was just 50 meters from the main road. You read that right! FIFTY! Haha. And I missed it! LOL.

Parked my bike and took a couple of photos of the falls. Yep, that’s how close the falls is to the road. Haha.

Manang doing her laundy in the shade. Hehe.

Visit Binaliw Spring and Bagatayam Falls today!